Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

Wow wow wow! I just saw that my last post was written in JULY!!!??? What happened? Oh yeah I was 7 months pregnant at the time and let me tell ya... sooooo much has changed!! <
big bump and big sister!
In September, we welcomed a baby BOY! We didn't find out the gender of the baby and let me tell you... it was the MOST amazing surprise!
big sister with her baby brother... only a couple of hours old!
Baby Matadamas!

October 2013
November 2013
December 2013
He is almost due for his 4 month picture... it has gone by TOO fast!
And for the school update... I went back to school in August, spent a full 5 weeks with my students, took 12 weeks for maternity leave, returned for 3 weeks, and have been on winter break for the past 2 weeks!
My poor kidlets! It feels like I barely got to know them but I am happy to go back tomorrow... We are so ready for the second semester!
I am excited to go through this amazing journey with my daughter and our new little one! I'm also excited to return to the classroom to my students!
Stay tuned for classroom pictures and an overview of what is to come to our first grade classroom!
I also just uploaded this little thing to TpT... click on the picture to download for FREE for the next 24 hours! It's a little late but you can save it for 12 months!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Grammar Wall UPDATE!

This has been a long time coming! :)

I've finally had a chance to update my Grammar Wall Pack!
Take a peek!
The revisions include adding a PRONOUN poster, header, and cards and adding a small size card (in case you are cramped for space).
I also added subcategories for each part of speech... for example, for nouns we have collective, proper, common, etc. 
If you've already purchased this pack... go to "My Purchases" on TpT, scroll down to this pack, and hit "download revised edition"... you get ALL of the updates for no charge!! :)
Click on the above images to check it out on TpT if you are interested! 
Have a SWEET day! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nautical Theme Classroom Helpers Kit!

I feel like my vacation is quickly coming to an end!!

I finally managed to get this little (request) project uploaded and it came out soooo cute! If my classroom wasn't full of NEON tubs, I'd be all over the red, white, and blue!!

This Classroom Helpers Kit is in the oh so popular Nautical Theme!

Take a peek!

This pack is FULL of stuff!! :)

We have 2 different size cards! One is perfect for a library pocket and the other is slightly bigger. 
There are 3 different sets of cards... The first set has the student helpers clip art, the second has the student helpers clip art with small nautical items, and the third set has big nautical items. 
It's perfect if you can't decide since it's all included! :)
There are student cards with and without numbers. (I number my students and it is SO much easier!).
I have also included a few headers and a checklist!
You can check it out {HERE} on TpT! 
If you are more into neon chevron (like me) check this one out!
Click on the pic above to check it out! :)
Or maybe you like ZEBRA!
Click the pic above to check it out!
Or maybe you teach a dual language class and love ZEBRA!
Click the pic above to check it out!
Yay!! Those are all of the classroom helper kits that I have! :)
Get them up before the beginning of the school year! 3 more weeks for me and counting!
Have a SUPER SWEET night!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beginning Sound Practice Pack!

Good morning sweet friends!

My newest pack is up on TpT!
I worked on this ALL day yesterday non-stop! I hope you like it!
I am going to use this at the beginning of the year as a quick review/practice with my new first graders! :) 
Here is the TpT description: Do your students need practice with beginning sounds? 
This pack is perfect for Kindergarten introduction or First Grade review at the beginning of the year. 

This pack comes with:
2 puzzles that can be used as a center, small group activity, or whole group practice. Students have to match a picture to the letter of the beginning sound.
2 centers that can be used as a center, small group activity, or whole group practice. Students have to circle the corresponding beginning sound letter and they will have to match a letter card to a picture. 
3 different printables that practice beginning sounds.
1 Mini Book where students have to look at the picture and write the letter of the beginning sound. They will then be able to staple it together to make a mini book. 

Pgs. 1-2: Cover and Contents 
pgs. 3-21: Beginning Sound Puzzles 
pgs. 22-41: Beginning Sound Centers 
Pgs. 42-45: Beginning Sound Printables 
Pgs. 46-50: Beginning sounds mini book
Pg. 51: Credits

Download the PREVIEW for a peek!

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to email me at

Click the image above to check it out on TpT!

I'm offering it for 50% off for 24 hours! Regular price: $4.00 On Sale: $2.00! What a deal!

Hop on over to grab it! 

Since I'm SO excited about this newest pack, I would love to give it to the first 3 commenters that share what their favorite thing about summer is!

Have a SWEET Saturday! I can't wait for Aly's first ballet class this afternoon!

I'm Baaaaack!

It's been TOO long!

I'm glad to have enough energy to sit in front of the computer and create and blog!

Oh, how I've missed you!

I don't even remember where I left off... let me give you a little overview of the past 6 months of my life!

  • In January, we found out that we are expecting!! Baby M will be here in September! Yay!
  • That is the reason I fell off the earth! I was SO exhausted and couldn't keep up with everything on my plate! I focused on my health, family, and students!
  • In March, I was told that my next year's class assignment was going to be...THIRD GRADE! I was not ready for those news! YIKES! 
  • In May, I was able to interview for a first grade position at my school. I really wanted to stay in the same grade level because of my team!
  • In June, I found out I got the position! I am officially still staying in first grade! YAY!
  • I unfortunately still have to move rooms but I'm super happy to stay in first!
Our announcement picture!
First day of swim class!

After her swim class! She was exhausted!
Just some of todays cravings! LOL! Cherry Lemonade from Hot Dog on a Stick and a Pecanbon from Cinnabon! YUM!

Life has been busy these past 3 weeks of summer! I got a job teaching summer school! Super fun and easy! The hubby and I have been taking our daughter to swim lessons (she is doing so WELL) and tomorrow she starts her first ballet class! Last night, I finally opened up my computer and started creating... once I started I couldn't stop!! 
I finished my first TpT product in 6 months! I'm so excited! I still have to upload and do some minor editing but it should be up tomorrow some time. 

It's past one a.m. here but I was on such a roll that I wanted to stop by and say hi! I promise it won't be 6 months from when you hear from me again! Have a fabulous night!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

MPM School Supplies LOVE!

Have you heard of MPM School Supplies? You can find them {HERE} It's an online teacher supply store with a TON of stuff to shop for!

I was lucky enough to try them out in exchange for an HONEST review. I had $25.00 to spend with FREE shipping!

I picked an alphabet set of sponges, some heart shaped doilies, some first grade name tags, and some glitter pom poms.

The alphabet sponges are super cute and big! Each letter is 2 inches high and will be perfect for stamping our sight words during word work!

The name tags are PERFECT for first graders!

The heart shaped doilies will be perfect for our Mother's Day project that we will be working on soon (details to come).

The glitter pom poms will also be used for our Mother's Day gift!

All of this stuff was shipped to my door within DAYS of my online order! It was FedEx'd straight to my door so fast that I didn't even think it would be my MPM stuff.  The goods were well packaged in a box but one stinky thing is that the name tags got bent in the box... I have them under some heavy books so they straightened out pretty well.

I will definitely order from MPM again when I need something in a hurry and you can't beat the prices! The prices are definitely lower than my local teacher store!

Do you want to try MPM out? Click {HERE} to order and get 10% off your order!!! (The first 10 readers orders will qualify for 10% off)


Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Cleaning SALE!

Hey there! I've been MIA and I have some exciting news to week! But in the mean time I wanted to let you know that I will be joining the Spring Cleaning Sale!
Click on the image above to go to my store and find ALL of my items for 20% off for the weekend!