Saturday, July 28, 2012

B.R.I.T.E. Book {Student Organization Binder}

I decided {in April} that I wanted to have Organizational Binders for my students! That was way too late in the year to start so I decided to hold off and start the school year fresh with binders!
In May, I started working on everything that I would need for my binders!
First, I needed an acronym!!!
I wanted something that would match my Superstar Classroom Behavior Chart and I just love stars but there were SOOOO many that were S.T.A.R. Books and I wanted something special and new!!!
Well, what are stars? They are bright!!! Bright is a very hard word to make an acronym haha so I just changed up the spelling!!!
Bringing Responsibility and Independence Today and Everyday!!! I LOVE IT!!! It took me a while to make up but it's original (to my knowledge)!
I even went to my principal and asked him his thoughts! He loved the idea and I asked if there would be any funds to cover the costs of the binders, zipper pouches, dividers, and the sheet protectors...
I never heard back from him... and I really don't feel like pursuing it since my first day back is on Tuesday and the kiddos first day will be on the 8th of August. 
I would rather have them all ready for the first day of school even if that means that I will have to purchase all the stuff :(
I hope I don't have that many kids in my class, LOL!
OMG... I just checked Infinite Campus and I have 29 KIDS!! AHHH 29!!!!
Ok, I just had a mini heart attack... I wonder if we are going to have another first grade class!!??? POP!
Back to the binders!!
I have made one and it looks AMAZING! I love it and I think my new firsties are going to love them!
I wrote all of my letters and explanations and then translated them into Spanish! Took forever!
Here are some pics!
I uploaded this pack on TN (TpT is not working for me). It is a PowerPoint file that is editable. You can put your name and room number on the cover. You might even put the students' names!
Here is the contents page of the pack:
I was going to use dividers but I can't splurge on that now so I will just be printing off my divider sheets  on cardstock and inserting them into sheet protectors. They are sturdy and I love them!! Here is a pic of the divider:
You can write when it's due! On mine, I put, " Due Friday!"
I also have a divider for their monthly behavior chart, weekly spelling lists, and monthly home projects. 
If you email me, I can make other dividers that you might need. I just made the ones I will be using but I am more than open for ideas!!!
The most AwEsOmE part of this pack are my First Grade Charts!!!
Check them out!!!
I have 3 pages of charts... this is the first page!
The charts include the alphabet, digraphs, long vowels, vowel teams, R-Controlled Vowels, Level 1 Dolch list, 2-D and 3-D shapes, and a 120's chart.
Wooh!! All that good stuff correlated to the Common Core!! :)
I will also be selling the chart pages separately, if you are interested!!! :) Click {HERE} to check them out on TN {again, TpT is not letting me upload!!! Grr....}
This binder is going to be awesome!!! 
I printed them out and they aren't as bright as I hoped!! I hope it's my printer but I will try to print them out at school when I go in next week!
In my pack, I have also included an explanation of the binder (the one that I will be using) and an editable one where you can write what you want about the binders!!! :)
I will be adding to this pack as soon as I get into my room! I have the labels that I need for the pockets and the zipper pouch! It just has to wait!!!
Click on the above images to check out the B.R.I.T.E. Organizational Binder pack or the link above to check out the resource chart pages!!! :)
I'm off to bed!!!! Good night!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Birchbox, BABY!!!

I love love love Birchbox!!!
For just 10 bucks a month, they send me awesome high end samples to try out!!
I'm going to show you what I got in my July Birchbox!!
 Here is the box!!! It comes in a bright pink outer box but I ripped it open before I even took a picture!!! Ooops!
All my Birchboxes have come super super packaged! Beautiful wrapping with beautiful tissue paper! It's like Christmas morning every month!! I love opening a new one to see the pretty colors and the goodies that I've received!
I got this full size (seems full size!) Stila lip gloss!!! I love the color and it is sooo shiny!! :)
Mini size LaraBar! YUM!!
Super cute PINK and GREEN headphones!!! These are my classroom colors so I was SUPER excited to get them! I can't wait to match my room!
 Inside your package, you'll have a mini- package all wrapped up and beautiful!! Ok... this one isn't as beautiful but that's only because I had already opened it and tried to wrap it back up and it just didn't look the same... SORRY! I love these little gifts! I love them because I usually get nail polish in them and I LOVE LOVE LOVE nail polish! This is the first time that I didn't get nail polish! 
Inside I had a little bronzer (I LOVE BRONZER!! SUPER SPARKLY!), a hair mask (little white jar), and a perfume sample!
Here is the bronzer!

Here is the hair mask!! I can't wait to use! I'm waiting to get a hair cut though!

And here is an upside down pic of the perfume! I love this sample because it actually has a little pump and I can spray it! I love the scent! It is so summery!! 
Inside all of my Birchboxes I get little cards that have little blurbs about the items that I've just recieved! I love reading these! They also tell you the full-size price. Sometimes I don't even want to know, they are so expensive but it is really nice to try them for cheap!! :)

Now, you are probably wanting to sign-up, right!!!! 
Well, I would love for you to use my referral link! I love seeing what other people get in their Birchbox!! Click {HERE} to sign up using my link!!
 I can't wait to see other's Birchbox!! Laters!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012!

Hello there!!!
I'm really excited to show you some things that I got from for free!!! Yeap, FREE!! You have probably seen other bloggers post about these cool things that you can find at Wal-Mart for only 88 cents! 
Here are the items I received!
Huge box full of goodies!
Star stickers and Super Student Badges!
Incentive Charts! I had to use 2 of them last year!! 
Stamp and Ink Pads!
Birthday Badges! I plan on buying the big Pixie Stix and attaching these!
Bookmarks that I plan to put into birthday bags!
Stickers! Can't have too many!
Thought I rotated this picture :(
Postcards! I will be mailing these out as soon as I get a roster! :)
Red correction pens... I think I am going to put these in the writing center!
Name Tags for the first week of school or even field trips!
Weather chart, homework schedule, and a welcome poster!
3 super cute file folders (I want MORE of these!)
Flash Cards!!
And that is all!!! Don't they look awesome!?
You can find them at Wal-Mart for only 88 cents!  I know I will be over there for more stuff!! I love the little baskets!! :)
Have a fabulous Wednesday! :)
Little school drama!!! I can't go into my classroom anymore! I had been in there a few times this month but we just got an email saying we can't go in until the 1st!! My first official day back is the 31st but I will be at district for a 3rd year teacher meeting!! :) I'm super bummed because I really wanted to paint the rest of my walls!!! I'm really going to have to paint fast The husband is going to have to paint REALLY fast next week so I can set everything up! 
I wish I would have organized everything a lot more! It is ALL a big HOT mess!!! EEEEKKK! Wish me luck! I have some pictures but it is seriously SCARYYY! 
I hope I have enough time!!! BLAH!!
Well have a fab Wednesday! Husband isn't home from work yet (he lost his work van's keys... OOOPS) but he promised to take Aly and I for some Yogurtini after dinner! YUM!! :) 
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Classroom Behavior Chart UPDATES! WINNER Announcement!

I've been super sick {as in stuck in bed and the husband HAD to take care of me... hehe} and I finally feel a bit better!
I had updated my little Superstar Classroom Behavior Chart!
I added each behavior chart (with money and without money) with a cute little frame!! :) When I re-print mine for this year... I will be using the pretty frames!
Here is a picture of the rectangular frame {that is still available in the download!}
Another one!
Last week, Miss Squirrels from Nutty with Miss Squirrels
asked me if I could add cent signs instead of dollar signs! I said of course!!!! So now the Superstar Classroom Behavior Chart has dollar signs (1-5), cent signs (1-5), and a chart without money!!! 
I included money because my school uses money with our PBIS chart!
If you would like to read more about the Superstar Classroom Behavior Chart, click {HERE}.
I also added 2 more sets of FREE Monthly Behavior Charts that are used with my Classroom Behavior Chart!!
Click on any of the images above to check them out on TpT!! :)
Now, for what you've been waiting for! The winner of the Box Cars and One Eyed Jacks Giveaway!!
Here they are!
I've emailed both of these lucky ladies!! I need your mailing address within 48 hours please!!
Have a great Saturday night! :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weekly Common Core Aligned Student Graphs for the Whole School Year! Flash Sale!

Hi All! I've been at hard at work all week finishing up my Weekly Common Core Aligned Student Graphs for the Whole School Year!! Wooh!
I plan on doing one graph once a week. I will make a big copy on chart paper and fill it out while the students fill out their own! :)
This pack hits a TON of standards and I'm so happy to be done with it and get them ready for the year!
I'm going to make monthly packets that the students will keep in a folder in their desk. When it's graph day, they will pull them out and be ready! Here is a peek!
If you want to make monthly packs, here are monthly covers in color and BW!
This is one of the graphs for August! {One is included without the choice of "club"... my kids go to the Boys and Girls Club so it's specific to my class!}
There is a total of 44 graphs and the pack is 68 pages!
Check them out on TpT {HERE} or on TN {HERE}.
They will be on sale for 24 hours! Original price: $9.00 Sale Price: $7.00
Take advantage of the deal!
I have already been asked to make a 2nd grade pack, so I will be starting that today! I'll let you know when that is up and ready! 
Have a fabulous Wednesday! I've been to my classroom twice and I "plan" to paint my room tomorrow!!! Let's see if that actually gets done!! HAHA :) I'll keep you updated! 
Here is a little sneak peak at my room!! What could I possibly be doing?
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