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Guided Math {Chapter 2} + 4 on the Fourth

I'm so behind on this book study but I'm loving all of the ideas! Here is my take on Chapter 2: Using Guided Math to Create a Classroom Environment of Numeracy! These are some snippets from my Post-Its all over my book :)

Teach the students "how" to think: This is essential if we want our kiddos to succeed in math! We need to teach them why they are doing certain things {maybe borrowing in subtraction} so that they KNOW what they are doing! We need to teach them how to be problem solvers and connect to the real world! Such a challenging thing to do in our limited math time!

Organized classroom: Everything needs to be labeled and easy to reach! I definitely need to organize and label my manipulatives so that my kiddos can go and grab them whenever they need!

Numeracy filled room: The book says that when you walk into a room... you will most likely see a ton of literacy/reading stuff {word walls, trick words, writing, vocabulary walls, etc} but hardly any math! We need to post math vocabulary, math anchor charts, etc. This is sooo true! I always have all of my literacy charts up and ready... but hardly any math stuff! I plan on using my math vocabulary word cards and having a "math" wall!

Math talk: Developing and using math language is how our students will be able to understand and figure things out by themselves! Having them talk out their problem solving skills is essential... especially with Common Core!

Math ability is not genetic: The book states that sometimes parents excuse their kids' poor math skills because they weren't that good in math when they were their age! We have to explain to our kids and our parents that math skills are not genetic!! That all of our kids can succeed!

Student Notebooks: Student notebooks are a great reference that students can use to look back to what they have learned! I plan on using composition books for student math notebooks and record "notes" and glue in foldables... so if we need to go back and reteach a skill... it will all be there!

Foundational Principles of Guided Math:
  • All students can learn mathematics.
  • A numeracy-rich environment promotes mathematical learning by students.
  • Learning at its best is a social process
  • Learning mathematics is a constructive process. 
  • An organized classroom environment supports the learning process.
  • Modeling and think-alouds, combined with ample opportunities for guided and then independent problem solving and purposeful conversations, create a learning environment in which students' mathematical understanding grows.
  • Ultimately, students are responsible for their learning!
Questions for this chapter:
  1. Look back at the Foundational Principles of Guided Math. Which do you think are the two most important of these principles? Why? How does your classroom reflect those?
The two most important are that all students can learn mathematics and that an organized classroom environment supports the learning process. These are important because ALL students can learn maybe just different ways and because you need to be able to focus on learning and the lesson not at disorganization!!! :) I feel that in my classroom, I show my students that they can all learn! All of my math manipulatives are in a designated spot... they aren't labeled but I'm working on that!

     2. Do you think your students feel that they are members of a mathematical learning community? If so, how did you establish that feeling of community? If not, what can you do to create it?

I think my students felt that they were members of a mathematical learning community because we all worked together {whole group}, in groups, and with partners. We also all practiced our chants together. My students felt comfortable with one another because we had all worked together as a classroom family!

    3. Look at your classroom through the eyes of a new student. Walking into your class, what would he or she see that would indicate the importance of mathematics?

A new student would see some addition and subtraction anchor charts, they would hear math chants being said, cubbies full of manipulatives... but that's about it! I would love to add a math wall and more vocabulary!

Wooh! That was long! :) This chapter was full of fun stuff I would like to implement so I will also link up with Ms. M from Ms. M's Blog!

For her 4 on the Fourth linky party! Write about 4 things you plan to do this year!! 

  1. Start a math wall!!  I would love to incorporate anchor charts and vocabulary stations! I would also love to start PowerPix walls {a la WBT!!}
  2. Student Notebooks!!! Last year, I started the year with notebooks and it wasn't pretty! I plan to use composition books and pre printed "notes" in the beginning when my student's writing still is kinder writing! I also plan to include foldables from the beginning!
  3. Keep my room organized!!! I stayed countless hours last year trying to maintain my room... it worked for a while but towards the end, my room looked BAD!! I got rid of my desk and then my poor horseshoe table got all of my papers and mess!! I need to find a better way to organize!
  4. Organizational binders for my kids!!! I am almost done with my kiddos organizational binders! They are so cute and I can't wait to use these so that my kiddos can begin to learn how to stay organized! I am also not fond of those paper folders that are ripped by the end of the first week of school!!
So those are my four things that I WILL implement for this upcoming year! Thanks Ms. M for this awesome linky! It has made some of my goals a lot more concrete!! :)

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I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July!!! 27 more days of vacation!!! Buh-bye!!
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  1. Wow, looks like you've got tons of great things to implament next year. I hear you on the organization part and am very curious about he student notebooks.

    Thanks for linking up.
    Ms. M

  2. I would love to see your student binders. I think organization is hard for all of us (even if we don't always admit it). Thanks for sharing!

    I Love My Classroom

  3. This is one of my summer reading books. Thanks for all the insight! And by the way...I just wanted to tell you that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out my blog to see it.

  4. I totally understand the organization thing! I got rid of a my desk and another few pieces of furniture this past school year because they always ended up as a dumping ground for everything. I love the idea of starting a math wall too. My head is already swimming with ideas on how I can use that this year! Thanks for the great idea! I'm you're newest follower.

    Peace, Love, Pre-K

  5. Thanks for your insight! I love the idea of a numeracy-filled classroom!

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  6. Love it! Passing on a Versatile Blogger Award! Stop by my blog and check it out!

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