Sunday, July 8, 2012

Arizona English Language Proficiency Standards Checklists!

I bet you are all like "what?? checklists!"
Haha as these are specific to Arizona! Even more specific to ELL teachers.
I breathe these ELP standards in my SEI classroom {all ELL} so I decided to make myself some checklists for every performance indicator! These are going to be soooo helpful! I'm soooo excited to be finished with them!
Ah!!! Soooo pretty! Here is what is included!
Arizona ELL & SEI teachers, you are probably thinking this...
Here is a little peek...
I've also included covers! I plan on binding all my checklists and covers so I can have them handy when lesson planning!
You can find them on TpT {HERE} or on TN {HERE}. They will be $4.00 but for today and tomorrow... I will have them on sale for $2.50!!!
I am also working on making checklists for each standard where I can assess the students individually with a plus, check or minus! Keep an eye out AZ SEI teachers!!
Please notice that these are for Stage II {Grades 1-2}. If you are interested in another Stage, please let me know! I will make them for you!
Yay! So that was my weekend! :) How was yours!??
Have a fabulous day!


  1. I just saw a checklist for the Common Core Standards, thinking that I should make one for the ELP standards! You are incredible! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    This year will be my first year in an SEI classroom (1st/2nd combo), and I am beyond stoked!!

    I hope you find some time to rest before the school year starts up again! =)


  2. You're welcome!! I didn't know how many SEI teachers there are in blogland! Yay!! :)
    You will love SEI! :)
    Where will you be teaching? I'm in Phoenix!

    1. I am in the Peoria District! We are neighbors!
      I will be the only SEI teacher at my school, so I'm glad I found your blog. I haven't found too many ELD blogs in bloggyland. I love the stories you have shared so far!
      Can I "pin" this to Pinterest? Maybe more SEI teachers out there can find this great resource.

    2. Absolutely! Pin away!! :)
      I work at a school that is mostly SEI! Last year we had 8 first grade classes with 6 of them being SEI!! I love it because we can rely on each other!

  3. I will pass this on to my Arizona SEI teacher friends!!!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

    1. Thanks Kelli!! :)
      I just added individual student checklists and a bundle!! :) Check my newest post!

  4. I am in school and I had to corrolate AZ LA standards with AZ ELP. I did that but now it is asking me for the performance objectives. Would that be the same thing as the standard for example:
    Standard 1: The student will listen actively to the ideas of others in order to acquire new knowledge.