Monday, April 30, 2012

Long I Sound Spelling Pattern Posters! Maybe for Free???

Happy Monday!!
It's a bright and sunny day here in AZ! So beautiful!
This morning, I uploaded the Long I Sound Spelling Pattern Posters that can be found in my Long I Word Work Centers, Activities, and Posters.
Long I Word Work Centers, Activities, and Posters! Click on the image above to check it out!
I figured some people might just want the posters only!
Check it out on TpT {HERE} for only $1.50
Coming soon on TN! Check it out on TN {HERE}
You can even get them for free!!! How you ask? If you go to {THIS} post, leave me a comment and your email... I will email you the posters for FREE but hurry, this offer was supposed to expire in an hour... I will extend it until my lunch today. Right now in AZ it's 8:30 so I will end the FREE offer at 12:00 so just a few more hours! Take advantage!
Have a super lovely Monday!!! :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Long I Word Work Centers, Activities, and Posters!

Lovelies!!! How are ya'll doing!?? I hope well! I have been hard at work on this little pack because my little lovelies need extra practice! This pack has 2 centers, 3 different activities {7 different think sheets}, and 4 posters!!! It is a jam-packed review of the long i sound!
Ch-ch-ch-check it out!!

Now on to the centers!!
This center has a BBQ theme with spatulas and patties! Too cute!
This center has a lemonade theme! Delicious!! :)
There are 5 Read n' Draw Think Sheets included!
There are 2 different review think sheets.
There are also posters for the 4 spelling patterns that are used in this pack!
Here is the preview!!! I am so proud of this pack because I KNOW it's going to help my kiddos with this tough sound and I hope it can help your littles too!
Click {HERE} to check it out on TpT!
Click {HERE} to check it out on TN!
Now, I have something for my trusty followers! If you leave me a comment with your email, within the next 24 hours, I will email you the Long I Sound Spelling Pattern Posters for FREE! :) I will also be putting this pack on sale for 50% off for 24 hours! That brings this uh-mazing pack to only $2.00!!! Remember, this deal is only good for 24 hours!!! It is 9:30 ish here in AZ! :)
Have a lovely lovely Sunday!
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Mrs. Bainbridge's Class

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Survived The Zoo!!

Hello lovelies!
So I survived the field trip!
I can't find my camera cord or else I would post a class pic! I will post ASAP! We all looked so cute rockin' purple tie-dye shirts! Ooooh! I found a picture of the shirts as they were drying! They looked good!!
 Yes, I had 30+ shirts drying in my teeny tiny patio in my apartment!!!
 Close up of 2 of the shirts! I <3 them!
I also had to do my nails for the occasion plus I was super really nervous Tuesday night and I couldn't SLEEP!! This is a tape manicure! Never heard of it? GOOGLE IT RIGHT NOW! It is soo easy and super cute! I will do different colors next time and post some pics!! :)
Back to the shirts!!!
Yes, I dyed shirts for my whole class, my 7 chaperones and I!!! I used this awesome FREE pack by Laura Candler!!!
Click the image to go get this awesome freebie! Scroll down until you see it!
They are so easy to make and they turned out so so so cute! I got plenty of compliments from everyone!
I had asked my whole team if they wanted to do it {ALL 8 OF US} but only me and my neighbor did! I am sooo glad we did because it was so easy to identify my class at the huge zoo! :) I love them and I will make them every year! We will have another field trip in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to wear them again! I will post the directions of how I made them soon along with some class pictures at the zoo!
The weather was awesome! I am so glad we went yesterday because it was all rainy today in AZ! Perfect timing!
Here is a pic of a Kindergarten class on their way to lunch! I was on prep and heard a ton of screams! Then, I see a class of kinders heading to lunch. They were too cute because they still stayed in line!
Yes, that's my view from my classroom door! I love my classroom and its location. Do you see that parking lot with all of the cars??? Yeah, that's the teacher parking lot. I have to walk that far EVERY day! Another reason I love my classroom location is because the walk isn't THAT bad! Last year, my classroom was the furthest from the parking lot! Wooh! What a workout!
Wooh! I will leave you behind with a picture of me and my BESTEST friend in the WHOLE world! I seriously love her so much! I don't know where I would be without her!! :)
Sorry it's blurry but that's us! She is wearing the black dress... Oh So Pretty!
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Alrighty! Have a fabulous night! TGIt'salmostF!!! :)
20 more days of school for me... exactly one month!!! WHAAAAT?? Can't believe it!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

May Behavior Chart FREEBIE

I busted this little baby out during my prep! It is pretty simple and I don't know if I made it so simple because it's the last one I'm using for this school year!!! Eeeek!!!
Let me know if you need one for the summer months {for maybe the year-round schools} so I can make June and July!
Click the image above to download from TpT for FREE!
Click the CREDITS page to check out my Classroom Behavior Chart on TpT!
You can also download it from TN {HERE}
Have a super, super, super Tuesday! I plan to stay late today and clean up my room, organize my chaperone items for my field trip tomorrow, and pack each student a Zoo Book and pencil into Ziploc baggie so they can take to the zoo! Hopefully, I can get some pictures of us tomorrow!!! :)
Later Lovelies! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Zoo Book FREEBIE!

Hello lovely ladies!!! :)
I have been gone so long... can't believe it! I just haven't had the time {OR ENERGY} to sit down and write a post... or I should say finish writing a post! But, you better believe that I am always checking on my Google Reader on my iPhone... I think I have read almost every blog post! I read that thing in the car {when the Hubs is driving}, waiting in line for ANYTHING, and when I am bored or can't sleep!! :)
I want to say thanks for everyone else's post and wonderful activities! Ya'll are such an inspiration!!!
Well, enough of that! Here is a little freebie that I whipped up last week for my kiddos! We will be going to the zoo on Wednesday!!! This is my first official field trip in my teaching career so it's a little BIG deal!
This is the front cover! I am going to have my kiddos draw a picture of themselves right before we go on the field trip. School starts at 8, we will have breakfast until 8:30, and they will have plenty of time to add details and chat with their buddies when the bus leaves around 9!
The following are pictures of the pages in the zoo book!!
Click on any of the pictures to download for FREE over at TpT or click {HERE} to get it FREE over on TN!!! :) Please get it on TN... TpT isn't working for me! I will try again tomorrow!! OK, TpT is working for me again! Click {HERE} to download on TpT for FREE!
Have a fabulous day/night! I am hoping to post more often! I have a long, long, long list of things I want to blog about!
Good night, lovely ladies!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Giveaway Winner!!! Blooming into Spring!!!

Yay!!! I will be sending it out shortly!!! Thanks so much to everyone who entered!!! If you didn't win, you can still purchase it! It is on sale until sometime Sunday so please take advantage!!! :)
You can find it on TpT {HERE} or on TN {HERE}!!! :)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!! I know I will!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blooming into Spring Math and Literacy Activities! 24 hour giveaway...

Ohkay... so after so much work, I finally managed to finish up my April centers. There are 6 activities in all... 3 math centers, 2 literacy centers, and a trick word game. Here are the details:
 What will you find in this pack???
All of my centers/games come with student directions and center/game name labels. You can use these for the outside of the bags or however you label your centers!!!

 Wooh!!! I try to be as thorough as possible with my packs so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!!!
I will be placing my Blooming into Spring Centers on sale for only $5.50 (reg. $7.00) until Sunday night! Take advantage now and have them ready for next week!!! :)
You can purchase them on my TpT store {HERE} or my TN store {HERE}!!!
Here is a quick giveaway for my followers {24 hours}:
If you follow my blog and follow my TpT store/TN store, leave ONE comment telling me you do so!!!! I will be picking one person to win these activities!!! It is about 10:10 pm here in AZ so I will stop the giveaway on Friday at about 10:10 pm and announce the winner shortly after!! :)
I am not sure how to email the whole thing, since it is pretty big... if you know the secret let me know!!! If I can't figure it out... I will just send it in 2 parts!!! :)
Thanks for following!!!
I have just started my 3 day weekend! Have a fabulous day!
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