Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Room 20 Pictures!

Wooooh! It has been a long day! It was my first day back and my sweeties were angels! They were following expectations and doing their best! I was a little anxious to see how they were going to behave but we quickly reviewed our class rules {more on that later--- maybe tomorrow because this post is getting super super long and I don't want to bore you to death} and our scoreboard {keep reading---- again probably tomorrow because it just keeps getting longer and longer and I don't know why LOL}.

 We reviewed some phonics skills that we have been working on {glued sounds and digraphs}, read The Gingerbread Man {talked and wrote about the beginning, middle, and end}, did 3 rounds {YAY} of the Daily 5 Daily 3 since we are only doing read to self, read to someone, and work on writing {for now!}. I was super impressed with my kiddos and their eagerness to learn! I hope they are like that for the rest of the year! After lunch, We wrote a thank you note to a company that "adopted" our class for a holiday party before break! They were so awesome to us! They read The Polar Express to the kiddos, gave them cookies and hot cocoa, gave them silver bells, and brought Santa with a big bag of gifts! Wow! They were soooo generous! I even got a little gift, too! :) After writing the thank you note, we began to learn The Doubles Rap! Ha! The kids loved it. On Friday, we will make "iPods" to store our rap in! Check it out here! She has an awesome tutorial on how to make the iPods! Then, the bell rang! The day zoomed by!

Now, on to some pictures of my dear old new classroom! First, let me give you a couple of warnings:

  1. My classroom is a hot mess! I left right after school on our last day of break and didn't get a chance to tidy up! I can't work in my room on weekends or on vacations because it's locked or something and they don't want to give us codes :( boo hoo
  2. This is my first year in this classroom and my dear old hubby painted the walls for me! WARNING! The two walls that are painted are bright. I love them and it really changes my whole room's look.
  3. I was am a hard core blog stalker! I have already implemented a ton of ideas from other classrooms! If I don't give you credit... that means that I can't find you original post!! Please help me if I miss anything!
  4. I think that's it... but I'm not sure... so let's start with the pictures:

OhMiWord! How embarrasing! I can't believe I am sharing this with other teachers! LOL This is the view from my soon to be gone teacher desk! I have a document camera, projector, tv, a bathroom {that the kids don't use}, a pink rocking chair, and 22 little desks! Blah! I plan to move things around but I just can't find the time {where do I get extra of that!}

This is my Brag Tag Wall. It says, "Get on pink, earn a bead! Mrs. Matadamas' Superstars!!!" I won a class set of brag tags from a giveaway over at What's The Buzz in First. Here is her post on them and I just noticed that she got the idea from The First Grade Parade! Nice! I love them and the kids get so excited to earn a bead. My school used PBIS {clip chart - picture below} and whenever they are a Superstar {on pink}, I add a bead to their necklace. Once they have 10 beads, they can trade them in for a fun shaped bead and a trip to the treasure box! I am trying to persuade my principal into getting them as a whole school! Let's see how that goes!

Close up of my Brag Tags. They say, "Star Student Mrs. Matadamas' First Grade Class"! I {heart} them! Check out ImageStuff {HERE}. They were super fast and I really mean it... I put my order in and got them within 4 days! CRAAAZY FAST!

This is our behavior chart. I number the clips with the number that a student is assigned in the beginning of the year. They start on green and move up and down depending on their behavior. I want to revamp this one and make it way cuter but I just need TIME! :)

This picture is for Erica at The Honey Bunch. We are both going to get rid of our teacher desks and I bought these to put my pens, markers, stickies, and stuff I store in my desk. I got these at Staples and they were 50% off so I got them for 15 bucks each. I'm not sure if that's a good deal but we will see how well they hold up!

O.K. {in cheerleader voice} that was a super duper long post! I hope I didn't bore you or miss anything. I just wanted to add some pictures and see if anyone has any questions or suggestions. I will upload more pictures and talk about my class rules soon! 

I need to rest up now. After I blog stalk a bit of course! 

I also wanted to thank all my followers! Wow! I have 34 of you sweeties now :) 

Please comment and tell me this is WAY TOO LONG!

Talk to you later! ;)


  1. Your post wasn't too long! =)
    Love those brag tags!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Thanks so much for entering my giveaway! I am so glad I found your blog! I am your newest follower :)

    Loving & Learning in Pre-K

  3. Thanks for the pictures. I like those containers a lot. I must have the smallest classroom on earth. My desk is now empty so this weekend it may be gone if I can my husband to move it out.

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  4. Your room looks great! I wish we could paint our walls!

    Thanks for sharing! I am sharing the Liebster Award with you! Hop on over to my blog to Pick up the button and get the rules.


    Hopping Into First Grade

  5. Your room looks huge compared to mine! I love those brag tags and now I'll need to do some research on them. Thanks for the links. Did you have to purchase the beads, etc?

    I'm a new follower!

    First Impressions

  6. Love your classroom is tiny :(

    I nominated you for an award stop by my blog & check it out!!

    Color Me Kinder

  7. Not too long at all - LOVE to look at classroom pics and yours are ADORABLE!!!!!!!

    I just gave you the Versatile Blogger award. Come on over to check it out!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  8. Great pictures Sandra! You are doing awesome!
    I have something Sweet waiting for you on my page.

    Always Live.Laugh.Teach


  9. I heard about those Brag Tags from The First Grade Parade too! This is the first year I've used them to help with motivation and behavior and my kiddos love them. I don't know who's having more fun kids collecting them or me creating and ordering them! :)
    A Pirates Life for Us

  10. @Christine Thank you!! :)

    @Dee I will take more pictures. I think the size of my room is perfect! Though, I would really love more storage. We don't have that much!! :)

    @Edana Thanks!!! WOW!

    @Holly Thanks so much! Wooh!

    @Christina Thanks... I checked and AWESOME!

    @Jennifer I love the brag tags. My kids really look forward to getting the 10 beads. I had the beads. A former coworker donated them to my classroom and I wasn't using them! So I decided to implement them into the brag tags because I don't have the funds to buy all the other different/cute brag tags! I was also looking for a reward for my kiddos that are always on pink and that always follow expectations!! :) Let me know about other questions!! :)

  11. Hon, your room looks fab. Love all the color. Go for it and get rid of that desk. I love my two tables in the shape of an L one part is for all my materials and the second is for small group teaching.

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  12. I think that's a fab deal, because everytime I try to buy one of those drawers, they're so expensive! $15 I can do!!!

    LOVE your brag tag board! The pink background and the black/white letters look great together!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  13. Looks awesome! I'm your newest follower!
    Come visit teaching!