Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Scoreboard and a MLK Jr. Day Activity!

Hello all and happy {almost} Wednesday! I haven't had the smoothest day so this is going to be short and quick so Aly and I can go to bed!

I wanted to write a little more about The Scoreboard I use in my class. This is a Whole Brain Teaching Strategy!

This is one of my scoreboards. I have two that I use in my classroom. This is a portable one that I use during carpet time. I used painter's tape to make the partitions. You can use any colored tape and I had it handy! The smiley and the frowney are written in dry erase marker.
This is my second scoreboard that is on my whiteboard. I use this mostly during "desk time". It's all written in dry erase marker so I have to be careful when I erase!

The scoreboard changed my room completely!! :) The kids love earning smileys. The class can earn smileys by doing what's expected and they earn frownies by not doing what's expected. Pretty simple! Here comes the fun part:

Smileys: (tally on the smile side) When the students earn a smiley they can have a one hour second party by shouting out "OH YEAH!

Frownies: (tally on the sad sideWhen they earn a frownie, they all have to do a mighty groan {the sound and shrug}. You can see an example in my last video.

Rewards: At first, you can just have the kids win. After a while you can give them a small reward like going to lunch 2 minutes early, 2 extra minutes of recess, or 2 extra minutes of center time. I usually play a song as a reward {Justin Bieber, Harry Kindergarten, Tony Chestnut, Cha Cha Slide, YMCA). You can even make the reward something that you are already going to do. For example, while we were studying bats their reward was watching a short video on bats {that was already on the lesson plan}!! Double WIN!

3 +/- Rule: You need to keep the score fairly close. You never want to win by 4 or more or lose by 4 or more!! The win has to feel attainable and if you have 30 more tallies on the frownie side than the smiley side, your students might give up! :(

{I think} that's all I have to say about the scoreboard! If you have any questions... comment below! I will be super happy to try answer them! :)

MLK Jr. Day Activity!

First, we read A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr. By David A. Adler.

It has really nice illustrations and my ELLs understood most of the language!!

Then, we made a bubble map describing MLK Jr. and his beliefs! (Sorry, no picture!)

After, we did the cute MLK Jr. drawing that I got from Mrs. Miner's blog. Click {HERE} to check out her post and freebie!

Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business

I did the drawing step by step on my document camera and the students did the drawings at their desks! They came out soooo lovely!!! :) Here are a couple of pictures!

Oops! I forgot to take a picture of the finished portraits :/ I will take a picture of them tomorrow! 

Have a fabulous evening, friends!! :)


  1. Oh so fun! We did Martin Luther King Jr. Activities last week. So excited to be able to tie the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial into our study of American Symbols.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. Great MLK activities!! I like the idea of your scoreboard!

    Teaching First

  3. I have used the scoreboard in the past with some challenging classes. I like to pull it back out right before Spring Break or towards the end of the year ;)

    Fun In First

  4. I started using the scoreboard with my class this week. I have quite the challenging class, and I have to say, I have already seen a little improvement! Thanks for the great idea!!!

  5. I like the scoreboard idea! Definitely could have used it last year with my challenging class.

    Apples and Papers

  6. I love my scoreboard. I'm going to have to make a portable one!

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  7. Hi Sandra!! I was sent over to your blog by another blog I follow (I can't remember which, yikes!) and I love your blog! I am a new teacher too. This is my first class of my own, but I used to be a literacy support teacher, so I used to work with ELD groups all the time! (Your class is too cute!)

    Anyways, I love that you posted about Whole Brain Teaching! I found their website earlier this school year and am trying to incorporate their ideas into my teaching as well. I also use a similar clip chart in my classroom. I like how you have the necklaces and beads for when they get to the top of the chart.

    Thanks for bringing us right into the heart of your classroom! ~Heidi V.

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment!! I hope you can get more ideas from future posts! :):)

  8. I love WBT!! I have used little parts of it for a few years and vowed this year to really use more of the strategies and practices. BOY does it make a HUGE difference!!!!! My teaching will never be the same!