Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh Class! Oh Yes! Whole Brain Teaching Video of My Class!

Happy Monday! I have a super busy week! I got a new student today, report cards are due tomorrow, and I need to blog!
It seemed to me that a lot of you guys were interested in seeing more of Whole Brain Teaching or WBT (for short). So, I decided to tape myself {eek!} and my class today while we were practicing our class rules! You will also see some other WBT strategies such as, Class-Yes, Hands and Eyes, and the oh so famous Scoreboard. You can't see the scoreboard but it is a little whiteboard with a smily and a frowny face. I will go more in depth with the scoreboard in another post! I just really wanted to show you how we practice and observe the rules in my classroom! Here it is: Video will be updated! You just saw me get my class' attention by saying "oh class" and they responded by saying "oh yes". It is super easy to establish and to use all the time. You can vary how you say it. You can whisper, shout, say it with an accent or even add something silly like "oh oh oh sweet darling class" and the students have to say "oh oh oh sweet darling yes". You will see more of the complicated ones in other videos. I wanted to keep it simple ;)

If the smileys win for the day, the class gets a reward. I am using small rewards such as, doing the Cha Cha Slide, Tony Chestnut, listening to Justin Bieber or BTR, and today's reward was the YMCA! They love these types of rewards. Like Chris Biffle says, "It's a long, long, year". So save your big rewards for the end!

Ha! I noticed some kiddos not doing what is expected! The goal is to get 100% engagement but sometimes it falls short! I've got to say that it is pretty darn close to 100% though!

You might've noticed that my class is an ELD class. That means that they are ALL English Language Learners. Their first language is Spanish and I can't say enough how much WBT has helped my ELLs! They love the gestures and the repetition!

Enough rambling about WBT and how wonderful it is! I hope you enjoyed the video and I would love to know if you would like to see more. I couldn't find my Flip Cam so I had to use my handy dandy iPhone. I don't think the quality is too bad! I searched high and low for my Flip Cam. In the process, I found 40 bucks, my amazing Burt's Bees lip balm, and these cute tiny scissors that I had forgotten I had! You always find other things when looking for something else.

I quickly wanted to mention some awesome giveaways that are going on out here in Blogland!

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Alright Lovies that's it for tonight! Talk to you later!!!


  1. Love WBT! I do "1, 2, 3, eyes on me" and they say "1, 2, eyes on you" with motions and everything. It is really amazing how fast they pick up on that and how attentive they are to you once we say that. WBT is classroom management at its best! :) Thanks for sharing.

    Loving & Learning in Pre-K

  2. Very cute. Loved it. What are the kids saying after you say "wait for it"? Do you go over the rules in that manner every day?
    ♥ Dragonflies in First ♥

  3. They are either saying "oh yeah" (if they get a smiley) or giving me a mighty groan (if they are getting a sad face!). I usually have a student go over the rules once right before calendar. Then, throughout the day if I have to be away like to answer the phone or talk to another teacher. This keeps them occupied and they are reviewing the expectations! :)
    Let me know if you have any more questions!


  4. Found your blog and LOVED your video. I would love to see more!

  5. Love your video!! I use WBT too! I wish my kids were as well trained as yours! Love your blog!

    -Ms. Thomas

    The First Grade Jungle

  6. Also just realized I did a video too! Not as coordinated as your kids, but I agree it makes such a difference in their behavior!

    -Ms. Thomas

  7. Hey there! I just wanted to say that I hadn't heard of the Whole Brain teaching bit until I saw your blog post. I started the Oh class, Oh yes bit and the scoreboard last week and what a difference! We had a wonderful week! I hope the novelty doesn't wear off too fast :) Thanks for inspiring me to try something new!

    1. Yay! I'm so excited for you! My kiddos seem to enjoy it and I really like it too. I have been doing it since day one and they haven't gotten that tired of it! You just have to change it up a bit! lol :) Keep me up on your progress and I hope to have another video up this week!! :)

  8. I love some parts of WBT!!! I really love class/yes and hands and eyes! :) My students love it too!!!
    Thanks for the video! LOVED IT!

  9. Sandra- Thanks so much for sharing this video. The kiddos are so adorable when they respond! My favorite part is the class rules, it seems like they have a better understanding!
    Little Minds at Work

  10. Thanks for all the great information! I can't find the video... can you help?