Saturday, January 7, 2012

Whole Brain Teaching...WHAT??? and Some Awards!

Hello my dear bloggy friends! Yes, all FORTY of you! Wow! I published my first post on Tuesday and not even a week later I have 40 followers! It might have been that I was commenting on other blog posts and asking begging for them to check out my blog!! Ha!

I had said that I would talk write about my classroom rules so here I go!

[I thought I had taken a picture with my handy dandy iPhone and it is no where to be found! I do have an old picture though. In the current/new picture, I had covered the smiley face on Rule #5 with a picture of MY face! Ha the kids love seeing my picture and it reminds them of the {importance}! LOL]

These are my classroom rules:
  1. Follow directions quickly
  2. Raise your hand for permission to speak
  3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat
  4. Make smart choices
  5. Keep your dear teacher happy
I did not make these up! {I wish I had!} They are from Whole Brain Teaching. I was honored to attend a Whole Brain Teaching workshop in my district with Chris Biffle {One of the guys behind WBT!} 

Whole Brain Teaching or WBT is not only a classroom management way of life but a completely different way to teach!!! I have not seen ANY blogger that I follow talk about it but if you have or use WBT... please tell me!!!! I love it and love how my students respond to it!! If you are interested on seeing some lessons check out the website {HERE} or YouTube them! There are some awesome teachers out there doing some awesome WBT lessons! It incorporates gestures, repetitions, positive reinforcement, and fun to get 100% ENGAGEMENT in your class!!!!!! It is UHHHH-MAZING!

Let me tell you a little more about the rules. On the first day of school, I teach the first 2 rules. Then, the next day I teach the other 3. I repeat them and have the students practice with each other. All five rules have gestures that accompany them when you say them. You can see them {HERE}. As I was looking for a video, I noticed that I do them a bit differently. So, I will be videotaping myself and my class practicing the rules on Monday... so be on the look out for that! I'm so excited to share my experience with WBT! :):):) 

Check out the Whole Brain Teaching Website {HERE}. There are a TON of FREE resources. You can print off the FREE ebooks that have the rule posters. You just have to make an account... super easy and totally worth it! There are also a ton of other resources, like Biffytoons (HFW), SuperSpeed Games and PowerPoints, forums with other teacher experiences, and much much more!

I will write additional posts on other WBT stuff that we do in my classroom!! I can't wait to share so you can use it in your classroom!!



I have been given 2 awards by some awesome blogger friends!!! I will start off with this one:

Here are the rules:

1. Show your appreciation.

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The next award is this one:

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Thank you!!!! Live. Laugh. Teach. your button isn't working for me!! But, thanks so much!
  • Tell seven things about yourself.
  1. I am 23 years old!
  2. I have a four year old daughter. 
  3. My husband and I will have our 5 year wedding anniversary next month!!!! 
  4. This is my 2nd year teaching.
  5. I student taught in 1st grade and fell in love!
  6. I am highly qualified to teach middle school math! Ya, I know they are mostly taller than me. I am only 5'1''.
  7. I love sweets, chocolate, and sour candies! YUM!
I will say more about myself in future posts!
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That's it for my ramblings today!! :) I can't wait to blog-stalk, plan, and spend time with Aly today! :)


  1. I think rule #5 is my favorite!
    Your Header is ADORABLE! and so is Aly!

    Looking forward to more posts!

    Going Nutty!

  2. Thanks!!! Rule #5 is the most important and the sweeties know it!!! ;)

  3. I watched the videos a few years ago and found a few of the Whole Brain Teaching stuff leaking into my teaching. The kids really respond to the "Class-Yes" and gestures. It is great!

    Congratulations on your 40 followers! I started a few weeks ago now and I can't believe how many people actually are signed up to read my stuff! Crazy, huh?

    Teaching in Room 6

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  5. So glad I found your blog! WBT is amazing! It is really changed my classroom management :) Congrats on your 40 follower :)

    Lisa :) (new follower)
    Made in the Shade in Second Grade

  6. I am a new follower and I nominated you for an award. I'm excited to see more of your blogs!

    Farming the First Grade Crop

  7. I just saw a video clip of WBT, and I was very intrigued. Thanks for more info. (I'm you're newest follower!)
    Forever in First

  8. Oh my gosh! Thanks for awarding me with the Liebster Blog Award! So exciting!
    A Pirates Life for Us

  9. I am so interested in this WBT! I am definitely going to check it out more so thank you for offering some places to go. Can't wait to read your next posts. I am one of your newest followers.

    Apples and Papers

  10. I am so glad that I stumbled across your blog today! I am your newest follower!

  11. Wow! WBT seems amazing... I am heading over to their website right now!
    I was wondering how you get so many people to follow your blog so fast. I'd love some advice if you have some ;)


  12. Heavens girl! I love your classroom rules! I implement some Whole Brain Teaching, but want to do more! Maybe a summer goal to read up/watch up on it!

    The Bubbly Blonde

  13. Hello!! I saw that you're in Phoenix--me too!! (for the moment)

    Where are you? I taught in the Washington School District and Litchfield School District.

    What a small world! I'm your newest follower!

    Tales from a Traveling Teacher

  14. Hi Sandra! Here's the award one more time (what can i say? Your blog rocks!)! :) I chose your blog for the Versatile Blogger award. Check it out here: Thanks for the awesome inspiration! :)

  15. ^ Thanks for all the sweet comments! I read every single one!


  16. Don't you just LOVE whole brain teaching? I just discovered it this fall during my student teaching placement and I think its so sweet. I actually blog about it and about my education classes at

    Love your blog! I hope one day mine can look as good as yours :) Good job!

  17. Thank you thank you thank you! I have done WBT in my class for years but I found these videos on youtube this summer and plan to change my classroom up a bit. Your blog is helpful! Have a great new year!