Thursday, January 26, 2012

100th Day Pictures and STAPLES Finds!

Hello, hello!
Yes, I am blogging two days in a row... WOAH! I am feeling pretty accomplished.
Today was a much better day. I don't know if it's because I cracked the whip {a lot of my kiddos were moving their clips down and going to thinking time for talking/shouting out} or if it's because it was a half day! Our half days are pretty amazing. We go in at 8 and dismiss at 11:30! Super short... my day consisted of:
7:55- The first bell rings and I open the door to let my kiddos in. They grab their breakfast, put their folders in their cubbies, put their behavior charts in the purple tub, hang up their backpacks/coats, and get to eating.
8:17- Students clean up their breakfast and meet me on the carpet for calendar.
8:20- Calendar helper starts calendar. She goes over today's date, yesterday, and tomorrow. We also add a straw to our place value chart and add a dot to our 100's chart. While this is happening, my breakfast helpers are taking out the extra breakfast, cooler, and trash to the hallway and my messenger helpers are moving clips up for friends that brought in their behavior charts and put them in the purple tub.
8:30- We start Phonics. My district uses the Fundations program and I LOVE it! Well, to tell you the truth it is the ONLY phonics program I have We quickly practice letters and sounds, we did some writing on our dry erase boards, used our magnetiles to spell, and practiced writing in our composition books. I love how we use different methods to practice our spelling!
9:15- Start our reading block. This is when I use the basal- Harcourt's StoryTown. Anyone else use it??? It is aligned to the AZ state standards but know that we are going to start using Common Core Standards {next school year}, I am a little bit afraid that our district will change programs! In StoryTown, we do The Question of the Day, a read aloud, practice HFW, do some phonological awareness activities, phonics/spelling, reading, fluency, comprehension stuff, and other stuff I probably forgot. It is long but I do it for an hour a day!
10:15- Time for LUNCH!
10:45- Pick up the kiddos from lunch and do a couple rounds of The Daily 5!
11:25- Stamp behavior charts, pack up and dismiss at 11:30!!

See... it was super short and I have a half day again tomorrow {thanks to our Winter Conferences!}

Maybe I should of linked up to the linky party that was going around about a regular day. Maybe Monday?
Here are some pictures of the activities we did for the 100th day of school!

I told my sweeties to not look at my phone while I was taking pictures. They were acting all natural {do you see their smiles?} too cute!
Here, they are making the band for their 100th day crowns. They are writing their numbers {1-100}. Some kiddos that needed extra support were able to use their 100's chart!
This is the entrance to our classroom {as inspired by Pinterest- I just saw a picture}I just cut strips into long pieces of butcher paper. I used red and yellow to give it a little more depth and contrast and OHMYWORD you should have seen their little faces when I opened the door! They were so excited and they loved it. They even walked into the room slowly, enjoying the streamers on their face! Haha They were super cute. I really wanted to write something like "You Are 100 Days Smarter" like the picture I saw but I didn't have time! :( I was busy trying to cut the pieces straight! My door opens to the outside and I love it because it looks extra bright. We aren't "allowed" to keep our doors open because fire code or something like that but I had conferences that day so I propped the door open and had beautiful AZ sunshine shining through!
Inspired by Mrs. Jump's Class, we made our 100 year old portraits. They came our really cute but I wish I would have cut out some of the stuff for them because they were all over the place. Plus, I couldn't find googly eyes so I had to use beads! I will be more prepared next year.
I love how the one on the right has curls!

Here they are working on their old people on the carpet. I love when they work together without me telling them to do so! Some are also wearing their crowns that were floating around Pinterest too!
These old men have teeth and my little old lady has sleeves in her dress LOL!
Yeap, that's a big mouth!

We also made 100 fruit loop necklaces. They had to make 10 groups of ten fruit loops and then string them to make a necklace. They loved it. It was fun but exhausting! I plan on being more prepared for next year because I didn't know what I was getting into since I didn't do anything last year!
This is a picture of my little sweetie wearing her sparkly pink Toms. I got them for her months, maybe a year ago, but they were too big and I did not want to ship them back. Well, she found them in her closet and really wanted to wear them. They are still a teeny bit big but not that noticeable! We {my daughter and I} have a ton of Toms and I love them because they are soooo comfy and the sparkly ones seem fancy {to wear to school}. I have 'em in gold, silver, and black glitter. I also have a ton of non-glitter ones... but I wont list the colors because there are too many to list... I might have a problem

STAPLES deals!!
I went to Staples today to find a gift for my valentine exchange and I found some good stuff on clearance!
Post-It flags for FIFTY CENTS!!! Guess how many of each I bought??? 
 How could I not. It is such a good deal and I love "tabbing" some stuff for my students! Score!
I also bought some paper trays for $2.50, Kleenex packs/hand sanitizer spray/Halloween stickers for 50 cents, and I finally bought the flat bottom file folders that I am going to use to organize my daily materials! I found a 12 pack for 15 bucks. That's the best deal I could find! 

Be prepared for a lot of pictures of my purchases below!
The NoteTabs were also fifty cents!
Wooh! That was a ton of pictures!! 
Thanks for sticking through this super long and random post! ;)
Good night and a big oh yeah for it being almost Friday!!


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    Forever in First

    1. Yes, you do!! I have a bag of them... I just couldn't find them!! Haha

  5. I definitely need to stop by staples now!!! Nice finds!

    ~Heidi V.

  6. Looks like such a wonderful celebration for your students :)

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