Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blooming into Spring Math and Literacy Activities! 24 hour giveaway...

Ohkay... so after so much work, I finally managed to finish up my April centers. There are 6 activities in all... 3 math centers, 2 literacy centers, and a trick word game. Here are the details:
 What will you find in this pack???
All of my centers/games come with student directions and center/game name labels. You can use these for the outside of the bags or however you label your centers!!!

 Wooh!!! I try to be as thorough as possible with my packs so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!!!
I will be placing my Blooming into Spring Centers on sale for only $5.50 (reg. $7.00) until Sunday night! Take advantage now and have them ready for next week!!! :)
You can purchase them on my TpT store {HERE} or my TN store {HERE}!!!
Here is a quick giveaway for my followers {24 hours}:
If you follow my blog and follow my TpT store/TN store, leave ONE comment telling me you do so!!!! I will be picking one person to win these activities!!! It is about 10:10 pm here in AZ so I will stop the giveaway on Friday at about 10:10 pm and announce the winner shortly after!! :)
I am not sure how to email the whole thing, since it is pretty big... if you know the secret let me know!!! If I can't figure it out... I will just send it in 2 parts!!! :)
Thanks for following!!!
I have just started my 3 day weekend! Have a fabulous day!
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So, Live, Laugh and Love to Learn is also having a mega spring giveaway.... check it out {HERE}


  1. I follow your blog and tpt store! Looks like a lot of great activities!


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  3. I follow your blog and TPT store. The unit looks great!

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  6. I follow your blog and tpt store! This looks great!!

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  8. I'm now following your blog and tpt store! Thanks for all your ideas and tips about teaching in Phoenix!

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  11. These look great!

    I tagged you! :) Come on by to check it out! And have a great Easter weekend!!! :)

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  15. Giveaway is now closed! I will post a winner soon!!! :)
    Thanks for participating!!