Saturday, August 13, 2016

Oriental Trading Wishlist and Goodies!

Hey there, friends!! I hope your August has gone well! I've been working hard in my classroom {classroom reveal coming soon} and I just finished my first week of school! WOW! I always forget how little first graders are at the beginning of the year! EXHAUSTING! HAHA

Well, today I will share some Oriental Trading goodies that I just received and the NEW wishlist feature that the site offers!!
I'll start with the goodies because let's be real, that's the funnest part!! I was a bit excited to get this amazing box! One thing that I was surprised with was the SUPER fast shipping! I got a pack of personalized pencils {pictures below} and my whole order was still delivered so fast! LOVE THAT!
The first thing I ordered was the School Treasure Box. The thing that stood out for me was that it was already pre-filled!! It comes with all of the goodies inside! I added some things to mine because I emptied out my old treasure box into it :)

 I love how bright and happy it is! It does require some assembly but I was able to "put it together" very easily! There is also a spot for your name at the top!
Here are some things that are included in the treasure box: notepads, erasers, pencils, stress balls (YEEESSSS!!), bouncy balls, whistles, pencil sharpeners, sticky hands, stickers and so much more!
I love this box sooo much! If I would've bought all of these things separately at a "party" store... it would've cost so much more than 20 bucks!
Now, let's talk about these <3 DICE <3
These foam dice will be perfect for math this year. Students will be able to use them during small groups and during independent math games! They're a steal for only 4 bucks per dozen! I should've gotten a couple of more packs!! The small ones were from the treasure box but I took them out so we could use them during math ;) These are a teacher's favorite because they don't make as much noise as regular dice! Can I get an "oh yeah!"?
Another favorite are these no name clothespins! They come with a big, thick magnet on the back so they can be placed on your magnetic whiteboard or metal cabinet! I love how they're already painted and the magnet isn't flimsy! They are also SUPER affordable! You get 24 clothespins for less than 6 bucks! I don't think I will ever have to hang 24 NO NAME papers {hopefully} so I'm giving 6 to each of my teammates! WIN-WIN!
Here they are in action!! I already had to use them yesterday! HAHA They are so handy!
I also got some fun notepads! The Christmas tree ones were on clearance (so cheap) so I thought they'd be cute as part of my students' gifts in December! The pixelated notepads are going to be a hit in the treasure box because they look Minecraft inspired!

These sand timers are going to be perfect for a multitude of things in my classroom! I'm thinking we will use these during math games, small groups, and even independently during math and reading! 
I love that they are clearly labeled too!
These mini erasers are SO cute! There are 500 included in this pack but I clearly thought they would fit in a small bucket but that didn't happen! HAHA I could easily split them between two buckets! I'm set for the year. I'm going to use these as rewards for learning sight words! I may also use them as math manipulatives! 
I saved the best for last! <3
PERSONALIZED PENCILS! These are for my daughter! I thought she would love to have personalized pencils for 4th grade. I was impressed with the fast shipping and the quality of the pencils! They were SO easy to sharpen!
Now off to the WishList part of the Oriental Trading site!
I need to add more! I'd love to add the following pillows for an alternative seating option in my classroom library!
They have them in 4 different colors! NEEED! <3
The awesome thing about the Oriental Trading Wishlist feature is that you can share the link to your wishlist with anyone! Click {HERE} to see my wishlist! I'm planning on sharing my wishlist with my parents in my newsletter! 
Click {HERE} to make your own wishlist! It will be so easy to share with parents or even PTSA or administration! You can put your link in your newsletters, class blogs, or class social media! I know I have some parents that support our classroom and would LOVE to buy things that we are going to use!
Do you want to receive 10 dollars off your order and FREE shipping with your order of $49 or more? Email me at and I will send you my referral code!
I hope you find something AWESOME to add to your wishlist! Comment and let me know your favorite Oriental Trading items!
*Disclaimer: I was sent the items above! All opinions though are completely honest and my own! 


  1. What an awesome haul! I love the dice, timers and mini erasers! I'd like to stay and chat but I'm on my way to Oriental Trading to start a wish list!

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