Monday, September 17, 2012

Diana's Paint Dot Sight Words!!!

Ok, I am going to tell you about something AwEsOmE! These are Cole's Little Pups Paint Dot Sight Words! Do you need a way to reinforce certain sight words? Maybe during word work? These are perfect for you!!!

The kiddos are able to highlight the word and then "dot" the stars with bingo dotters. They will also re-write the word and on Diana's first grade words, she has added a spot where the students can write a sentence that has their sight word! PERFECT!!!
They LOVE this word work activity! I used these ALL last year as a word work activity (in Daily 5). They are super easy to maintain and I can't wait to start them again this year!
Last school year, I was using the first grade Fundation sight words and Diana made me a special set!!! She is awesome!

Click on over to Diana's blog: Cole's Little Pups. She has some great ideas and is super sweet!

This year, I am doing sight words in my room a little bit differently! My teammate is using 11 sight word lists and they are individualized to each student to make sure that the students learn them all (that's another post!! Coming Soon!!) but Diana is making me a set just for those words!!
Click {HERE} to check out her Kinder sight words for only $1.50!!! and click {HERE} for her first grade sight word set for only $6.00!
Hop on over to her blog and check out her ideas!! :) Let me know if you have any questions about using these in your classrooms!


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out!!!!! I am working to finish your sight words. If anyone else wants a customize set please go over to my blog and let me know or email me.


  2. I'm having a give away. Stop by soon!