Monday, January 7, 2013

The Best Pencil Sharpener! Pencil Tip!

I know you've heard but I just need to show you all for myself!
This is the best classroom sharpener.... EVER!
Here is a picture of the one I received:

Grabbed it as soon as I came from school!!! :)
Cute little box!
I couldn't wait to open it!!
SOO Pretty!! LOVE the blue color!
ALL of the pencils looked like that! Super sharp and super easy to use!
There is even a video that you can watch on their website: Classroom Friendly Supplies! The only thing is that I would LOVE it in the color PINK to match my classroom... Troy???? hehehe
This is also how I keep my pencils!
One of my biggest pet peeves is kiddos standing by the pencils and going through every single one so they can pick the sharpest point! GAHHHH!! Drives me crazy!!!
I found the solution!!! :)
I have a red bucket that says sharpen please for pencils that need to be sharpened. For the "ready to write" pencils, I use a green pencil box! All of the pencils are horizontal and the kiddos can see most of them when they open it! VOILA! Open the box, pick a pencil (point can be easily seen), and get back to work!!! 
Plus, the box is very hard to tip over so no big messes!
Hope you can use my tip!
I went back to school today after two weeks of break! I was happy to be back with my students! They were also ready to get right to work! We are learning about the digraph sh, asking questions to comprehend stories, writing riddles, and adding double digit numbers! BUSY BUSY! 
I was busy last night (after planning, of course) making a new set of borders. These are specifically for printables. They are thin and easy to resize. Check them out! Click on any image to head to my TpT store! These are on sale (half off) for the rest of TONIGHT! Only 2 bucks!
Here is another colorful set I posted on Saturday. Click on the images to take you to my TpT store! These are $4.00
Wooh... long post is over! Have a fabulous Monday and a great Tuesday!


  1. Your borders are super cute!! I love that pencil sharpener. I need to get one for my classroom, too!!

    The First Grade Dream

  2. I am in love with my pencil sharpener. It is amazing!! I love the borders. Super cute!

  3. We've been eyeing those sharpeners and were even trying to see if our PFA would do a little entire school purchase! We may just have to break down and get one-
    Your borders are fabulous!
    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  4. I love your border, and the pencil sharpener. I've seen a few people mention it, so I'll have to check it out.

  5. I have one of these awesome sharpeners and I'm hosting a giveaway for one right now on my blog. I love your borders!
    Teacher Gone Digital

  6. I LOVE that sharpener as well! My kids are so good at sharpening their pencils and I NEVER have to help them or unjam the sharpener. So awesome!
    Fun and Fearless in First

  7. I just got excited and ordered that sharpener...ha.
    Thanks for the recommendation!
    Kickin' it in Kindergarten

  8. Okay I might have to get on this pencil sharpener bandwagon as I've seen this thing everywhere! I also have a pencil system- 2 baskets. One for sharpened pencils and one for pencils that need to be sharpened. I also like how the pencils lay flat so you can see the points and (more importantly for me) not get poked by them. Yes I've done that a time or two. ;) Great job on your graphics too!