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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hello Lovelies and Power Standards!

Wow, wow, wow! I haven't posted in a long whiles so if you are still a follower... HOORAY!!! Like every other teacher, I was super busy with the end of year activities, assessments, and celebrations! My firsties are going to be second graders!
The last day of school was on Thursday with a teacher workday on Friday. I was back at another school yesterday for my district's Summer Math Academy! This is where our district has 3 full days of professional development concerning math to K-3 teachers and this year it's focused on common core! I was supposed to be an attendee but somehow I managed myself to be a PRESENTER of a class! Say whaaaat? Yes, I am presenting a class on one of our school program's website! I feel honored and just so cool to be presenting! :)
Fancy Schmancy Name Tag LOL!
I didn't present one of the classes yesterday, so I was able to attend another one and it was based on Power Standards. Is anyone familiar with Power Standards?
From what I heard {from this 2 hour class}, Power Standards are standards that your school "focuses" on. It seemed to me that these would be the "important" standards that your kiddos would NEED to know. HMMM!
I also heard about setting a school goal for all math assessments and reteaching/reassessing until our kiddos hit that goal! Wow!!! I will post more information as soon as I get it!
I'm excited and anxious for next year to start! I have so many ideas but not enough time.
I still have a TON of pictures from the end of the year {2 field trips, Mother's Day, etc.} that I need to post about... add that to my to-do list...
I also want to post about Whole Brain Teaching more... since they started a certification process... add that to my to-do list...
I hope everyone is safe and healthy! :) Enjoy the summer, ladies... I know I will! I start summer school on Friday... blah!!
Laters, baby... HAHAHA {sorry, had to throw that in... I'm on the last book of the trilogy!}

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

End of the Year Skills Review! Quick quick giveaway!

Helloooo lovelies! It's a great day... a Wednesday.... which means it is almost Thursday and then ALMOST Friday! Woop woop!
Summer is fast approaching! We have 11 school days left and one of those is a field trip {a week before school ends EEEEKK!} I am using this time to review skills that haven't been exactly mastered!
So, I am working on an End of the Year Skills Review Pack. It will have summer-themed centers that can be used at the end of the year!
I have had this center floating around on my computer and I thought I would share it for a quick giveaway. Here is the cover page:
Here is the preview!!!
This center will be a part of the summer-themed End of the Year Review Pack! It will be on TpT as a FREEBIE for 24 hours! It is 3:15 AZ time right now!! Grab it {HERE} or click the images above!!! I would love to hear some feedback on TpT if you grab it ;)
I can't wait to get this pack ready to go! Hopefully by this weekend!
On personal news, the husband had his citizenship interview today! Yay, he is now a U.S. Citizen! I am so proud of him! He worked really hard to get where he is today! :)
I am taking him out to lunch to celebrate... YUM SUSHI!
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Miss Nelson always has some amazing giveaways... I am hoping to win one soon! :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Currently and Sale!

I missed March and April... actually did them just didn't post them!!! Ooops! 
Well I wrote this up earlier... I no longer hear my little one slurping her grapefruit... LOL
I have just a few weeks of school left! I can't believe how fast it's going! My second year is already ending!
I didn't do the Insanity workout today... haha I did exactly as I was thinking! I did it for the past 3 days and I can barely bend down!!! Haha I'm so so sore! Has anyone else done this???
Speaking of exercise... I love me some sweets... particularly craving frozen yogurt or custard... YUM!
I am almost done cutting all of my centers... my bestie is helping me with those! This is the big ol' roll of lamination that I had!
I pretend to Know-It-All even though I don't but I do love learning about everything!!! I also really love reading... one of my passions so that would be my platform!! :) Hehehe the pageant title was a tough one... mine is lame 
Well, alrighty then!
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Alrighty then lovelies... enjoy the super sales this weekend!!! I can't wait to shop shop shop! :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Everything About Mom! Mother's Day Book! Super Short Giveaway!

Lovelies!!! I hope you are having a fantastic ALMOST Friday! I am excited for the weekend! No plans but I am going to love resting!
I whipped up this little Mother's Day book for my kiddos to do next week to accompany the Mother's Day gift we are making {another post to come}! It is simple and pretty generic but perfect for my ELLs!
 Book Cover!
Kiddos can draw their beautiful Mom!

Everything that is in this pack above!
I am starting this with my kiddos today! I cant wait to put them together, wrap them up, and send them home next Friday! :) 
To celebrate me finishing this book, I am going to do a super quick giveaway for all of my superstar followers! 
I am going to set this up in TpT for FREE for 6 hours. Yes, completely FREE! Check it out {HERE} After the ten hours, I will re-set it to its original price of $2.50. I do ask that you do ONE super quick thing... CAN YOU PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE LEAVE ME SOME FEEDBACK ON TPT??! I would really LOVE to know what you think about it! 
It's 10:30 here in AZ, so I will set it back to its original price at 4:30 AZ time! I think this will give plenty of time for us to check blogger by the time we get home from school! Thanks for all who participated!! :)
Check out the book on TpT {HERE}
Check out the book on TN {COMING SOON}
Enjoy and have an awesome Thursday, friends!