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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


     I'm getting back into the swing of things!! Today, I'm linking up with Cindy from Chalk One Up for the Teacher with a #2forTuesday deal. This means that 2 of my products will be half off!
     This week, I have chosen my newly UPDATED Classroom Helpers packs! There are over 32 classroom jobs and did I mention that both of these are EDITABLE!!!?? They are a steal at only 3 bucks!
     Click on the following pictures to check them out!

     There are a TON of other teachers that are participating in this so go to Teachers Pay Teachers and in the search bar, type #2forTuesday to check out all of the amazing deals! I seriously can't wait to go shopping!
     You can also click on the links below to check out the other #2forTuesday items and you can search the hashtag on Instagram! Let me know what you get! Have a sweet Tuesday!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Welcome Back!

     Oh hey there! Long time no see! I seriously can't believe it's been more than 2 and a half years that I've written a post! Way too long. I've missed sharing my thoughts and happenings so here I am again with a newly designed blog!

     Can you say "swoon"? I'm completely and utterly amazed at Becca from Jumping Jax Designs! She outdid herself with this blog! She seriously brought to life exactly what I wanted with my lame/vague descriptions. If you are thinking about blogging or redesigning, I highly recommend her! I mean look at my header...oh and at that cute little heart on your browser tab! I'm in LOOOVE! We are still working on my social media images so my look isn't updated on those sites but they will be soon!

     Not only have I redesigned my blog but I am now on Instragram! Click on the Instragram banner on my header to head on over and follow! While you're there, head on over to follow me on Facebook, Teachers Pay Teachers, and on Pinterest! Here are some reasons why you should follow...
  • Why follow my blog? {Click on "Join This Blog" on the right hand column} You will get to see what goes on inside of this first grade teacher's head! I love sharing my thoughts and ideas about teaching, first grade, the classroom, and Arizona.
  • Why follow me on Facebook? Not only do I share the funniest memes about teaching, I also share fellow bloggers/TpT authors posts/products! I also will frequently ask for editing help on my Facebook page and will do giveaways for all future products! 
  • Why follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers? You will get notifications every time that I post a new product... You might think, eh, so what?! Well, I always discount my products for the first 48 hours. All new items are posted for HALF off! Plus, you'll get a notification for FREEBIES!! 
  • Why follow me on Instagram? Instagram is easily the easiest way to post for me. You will see me share teaching ideas, thoughts, products, short videos showing products, funny memes, sneak peaks, my daily life. This is also where I will post more personal things, like my family, shopping, funny stories, etc. 
  • Why follow me on Pinterest? This is where I share teaching ideas that I've found or currently use in my classroom. I also share yummy recipes! 
     Now, let me tell you about some future blog posts that I have planned...
  • Welcome back giveaway...Oh Yeah!!
  • All about my Erin Condren teacher planner...Ooooh!!
  • Organizing your Classroom Library....Ahhhh!
  • Daily 5/CAFE....Woooooww!!
  • Small Group Instruction.....Yaaasss!!
  • and so much more! 
Ah! I'm just SOOOO excited! I hope you are having a sweet day! Talk to you in a bit!