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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Magical Product Swap!

I am sooo excited to show you this quarter's product!
I am linking up with Jessica from Mrs. Stanford's Class for the MAGICAL PRODUCT SWAP!
My partner is the SWEET Kristen from A Day in First Grade!
A day in first grade
She is soooo sweet and I'm going to review 2 of her awesome products that I am LOVING and you will too!
You can check out her TpT store {HERE}
These are the two items that I am reviewing!

These 2 products go hand in hand!!!
(Click the images to head to Kristen's TpT store!)
The first one is the Phonics Flags. You 46 different sound flags/cards in different formats! They are WONDERFUL! They all have a key picture and she has included CHANTS for them all! What better way to have your first graders remember these important sounds?? <3
The second product are her Phonics Mastery sheets!! Over 170 pages!!
Here we go! I have my little model, Alyssa (my child)!
LAMINATING the flags away!!!
***Disclaimer***We are working on Alyssa's craft table! I promise it's clean! There is just glued glitter and marker marks everywhere haha!
Aly wanted to take a picture of her mamma laminating! Don't judge! We had just gotten out of bed :)
We started with the blend: br
Alyssa had to circle all of the br blends that she found!
She then highlighted all of the br blends in the words. 
She was having fun!
After, she traced the br's
then wrote the blend!
We then moved on to the 2nd sheet!
She had to circle the blend, highlight the blend, find words with that specific blend in the puzzle, and write the words on the lines!
There is another br blend sheet but I thought it was a little too hard for my kinder girl but I think it would be perfect for my first grade babies!
Alyssa with the br flag! She was obviously tired of pictures!!!
You can find them {HERE}
Hop on over to Kristen's blog to check out the product that she is reviewing from my store!!!
You will also find my product on sale (20% off) for the weekend!!! She is reviewing my Word Families PACK! Click {HERE} to get it for 20% off!!!
Go to her blog NOW! (please!)
Have a super SWEET Saturday night!

SweetBorders: Thin Page Border SET TWO!

Good Morning!
I'm up and getting ready to go into school! I went into organizing mode this week and yesterday I left a HUGE mess in my room. I hope to clean up a bit and organize a little bit more. Then, I will be back blogging tonight for the PRODUCT SWAP!! I'm so excited to show you what I got!
Last night very early this morning, I posted my newest SweetBorders set!
This is the second set of my THIN PAGE BORDERS that are PERFECT for your printables!
They are 20% off until midnight tonight!
Check them out by clicking any image above or you can see them {HERE}
You can check out my first set {HERE}

Thursday, January 10, 2013

FIVE for Friday!

I am linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching! Five for Friday! Five random things from this week!
1. Someone shared this on FB but it is currently my computer background! LOVE it!
2. Does anyones bookshelfs look like this??? I could NOT get it even for the life of me!
I then gave up and just put smaller tubs on that shelf! LOL
3. This is what my life looks like on a Sunday... trying to get all planned!
Got to have my standards handy! :) <3 my flair pens and Erin Condren Planner!
4. On Monday, my rug was taken out of my room and I was left with a big blank spot... can you say GROSS???
We should be getting our NEW one soon! YAY!
5. I had the BEST time with my kiddos this week! My favorite part was writing RIDDLES (blog post coming up about it). Here is a quick pic:


take a guess...
Most kiddos finished but we will finish up on Monday and have a blog post up after!
They were so good at thinking of clues and drawing their pictures! 
I also took a few pictures of the stuff that is on our walls from before break. Take a peek...
Adjective Gingerbread People from Ms. Kelley over at Teacher Idea Factory.
This little guy is my fave:
Yeap... those are big bucks! Love his chain, pants, vest! HAHA
Fact Family Gingerbread Houses from Ms. Kelley again! (I LOVE her stuff, obviously)
I'm loving now that smoke coming out of the chimney!
This kiddo labeled her numbers A, B, C! <3 YAY!
If you LOVED these activities, stop on over to Kelley's BLOG! You will fall in LOVE!
Sour Apple Studio
Have a super Saturday (it's now 12:15 am!) Come back later today (7 pm) for the Amazing Product Swap!

Sweet New Blogger

Hi all... boy am I tired!!! It feels like it should be a FRIDAY!!
So I won't have to think about school work (yet... hehe) I would like to introduce you all to this super cute new blogger!
Kickin it in Kindergarten
Elizabeth blogs over at Kickin' it in Kindergarten! She has been teaching for 4 years (just one more year than me!) and is just super sweet!
Stop on by and show her some love!
She is also giving away a packet perfect to use in a couple of weeks...
It has some pretty sweet printables that you will be super helpful on MLK day! 
You can check it out {HERE} This mini pack is only a buck fifty!!! STEAL!
Have a super day night! I hope to post a freebie up tomorrow WINK WINK!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SweetFonts UPDATED!

I have one new font for you today! This is perfect for the month of February!! SweetLove!
It's SweetSevenSkinny with HEARTS! 
Check them all out!
Click on any image to head to my TpT store!
You can get ALL of these fonts for $5.00
If you have already purchased you can download the newest fonts under your PURCHASES in TpT.
Remember, when you purchase, you will be able to download all of the NEW fonts for FREE! I am up to 15 fonts!! :)
Have a super Wednesday!

SweetBorders: Doodle Headers

Just a QUICK update! I uploaded a new set of SweetBorders last night!
I really really wanted to post these and since I had just finished report cards (YAAAAYYYYY!) I decided to work on them last night.
These are the perfect size as headers or frames! 
You get 26 images! 13 different headers (white filled) and 13 transparent!
They are on SALE until midnight tonight!!! :) Click on any images to go to TpT!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Team Teaching Tuesday!

I was super excited when my sweet friend, Stephanie from Falling into First, introduced her weekly linky party today! I knew that I had to link up.
Falling into First
This week's topic is:
Every classroom has rules. My first year of teaching, we made them up as a class... the usual "Golden Rule".
My second year of teaching, I was SUPER into Whole Brain Teaching:
1. Follow Directions Quickly
2. Raise Your Hand for Permission to Speak
3. Raise Your Hand for Permission to Leave Your Seat
4. Make Smart Choices
5. Keep Your Dear Teacher Happy
****Disclaimer!!! This is NOT me!!!! I just YouTubed a video!
Well, those five rules were GREAT! My favorite is number 5 :)
This year, I have a FABULOUS class... it's scary sometimes how good and smart they are. I introduced the five WBT rules in the beginning of the year and I occasionally use them (not as much as I did last year!).
I still have them up on my wall though!
If you haven't checked out WBT do it RIGHT NOW! It's amazing! 
Like I said, I haven't used it that much this year but they have strategies that I use daily (Teach-OK!)
What are your class rules???? LINK UP with Stephanie! CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Best Pencil Sharpener! Pencil Tip!

I know you've heard but I just need to show you all for myself!
This is the best classroom sharpener.... EVER!
Here is a picture of the one I received:

Grabbed it as soon as I came from school!!! :)
Cute little box!
I couldn't wait to open it!!
SOO Pretty!! LOVE the blue color!
ALL of the pencils looked like that! Super sharp and super easy to use!
There is even a video that you can watch on their website: Classroom Friendly Supplies! The only thing is that I would LOVE it in the color PINK to match my classroom... Troy???? hehehe
This is also how I keep my pencils!
One of my biggest pet peeves is kiddos standing by the pencils and going through every single one so they can pick the sharpest point! GAHHHH!! Drives me crazy!!!
I found the solution!!! :)
I have a red bucket that says sharpen please for pencils that need to be sharpened. For the "ready to write" pencils, I use a green pencil box! All of the pencils are horizontal and the kiddos can see most of them when they open it! VOILA! Open the box, pick a pencil (point can be easily seen), and get back to work!!! 
Plus, the box is very hard to tip over so no big messes!
Hope you can use my tip!
I went back to school today after two weeks of break! I was happy to be back with my students! They were also ready to get right to work! We are learning about the digraph sh, asking questions to comprehend stories, writing riddles, and adding double digit numbers! BUSY BUSY! 
I was busy last night (after planning, of course) making a new set of borders. These are specifically for printables. They are thin and easy to resize. Check them out! Click on any image to head to my TpT store! These are on sale (half off) for the rest of TONIGHT! Only 2 bucks!
Here is another colorful set I posted on Saturday. Click on the images to take you to my TpT store! These are $4.00
Wooh... long post is over! Have a fabulous Monday and a great Tuesday!