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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Teacher's Notebook is now OPEN

So I have taken the leap on leap day {hahaha} to open up a shop at Teacher's Notebook! I already love it because it is sooooo easy to upload!! It took like 3 minutes to upload my whole 2 items for sale!! I am soooo stoked!! Take a peek....
Ha! I had to add a silly picture of me ;) 
Later today, I will work on uploading the freebies that I already have on TpT!
If you would LOVE to check out my TpT store, click {HERE}
If you would LOVE to check out my Teacher's Notebook store, click {HERE}
My Read Across America {March 2nd} Literacy Centers and Activities are still on sale... but today is the last day to grab them at only $3.00 {regular price is $4.00}!!
On TpT click {HERE}
On TN click {HERE}
I just uploaded my O' So Lucky Literacy Centers and that is also on sale for $3.00 {regular price $4.00}! It will go back to regular price on Saturday, so if you love them... go grab them!
On TpT click {HERE}
On TN click {HERE}
Don't forget to use the Leap Year code over at TpT for an additional 10% off! Woop woop!
Oooooh! Kristen over Bitten By The Blog Bug has made me some fab buttons for my new stores!!!!

 Look to the right! ------------------> So pretty!
Look below!

Teachers Notebook
I'm a pretty happy camper right now!!! I am going to spend a little bit more time in my classroom but the rest of the time I am gonna rest and spend some time with my lovie, Aly!!
Have a fabulous leapin' hump day! 
Ooh! Quick, quick, quick... hop on over to Finally in First and checkout her awesome giveaway!

O' So Lucky Literacy Centers! On Super Sale!

Woo! I got my St. Patrick's Day literacy centers finished last night!!! I made the preview picture this morning and uploaded it to TpT! So exciting! This literacy pack focuses on long e words, compound words, describing words, and alphabetical order! It is perfect for your First Grade classroom!
Here are 2 center directions!
I am really excited about this pack because it is perfect for what we are learning this and next week! It is also perfect for review or introduction!!! :)
Right now it is on sale for $3.00 {normally $4.00!!!) plus if you purchase today, you can take advantage of the Leap Year Sale {an additional 10% off!}! Click {HERE} to check it out on TpT
I am also working on starting shop over at Teacher's Notebook! Hopefully today! Yay! :) I am really loving working on these units! :)
Now, I am gonna shop until I drop! Yay, I love sales!! Talk to you later, friends!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Working hard and a giveaway at First Grade Delight & Buggy for 2nd Grade!

Ooh! I have been working hard on {lucky} literacy centers! I hope to finish them tomorrow for the huge TpT sale! My cart is sooo full! I can't wait! :)
I wanted to let ya'll know that First Grade Delight is having an awesome super quick giveaway!

Buggy for 2nd Grade
Buggy for 2nd Grade is also having a super giveaway!
Hop on over and enter! See you all at the sale tomorrow!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

TpT Leap Day Sale!

I am linking up with Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits to let everyone know that I will be having a sale of 20% off over at my TpT store on Leap Day! My whole 2 items will be on sale... LOL!
TpT is also offering an additional 10% off!
Yay! I also plan to add another *lucky* set of literacy centers onto TpT on Wednesday for that sale! So I will have a total of THREE items!!! Woo-hoo!
Have a great Monday!!  

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Read Across America Literacy Centers and Activities!

I am excited to show y'all what I've been working on for the past couple of days!
It's a small literacy center pack that focuses on reading digraphs and blends, sorting, nonsense/real words, and recording. Each literacy center comes with at least one recording sheet {2 centers have 2 recording sheets!} These are my first centers and I love how I had to reflect on my past teaching and how my kiddos are doing in a specific skills to make a pack of activities that will help them grow!! I hope to make more soon... I might break the bank by investing in all this clip art! Ha! Here is an image of the contents page:
Here is an image of one of the literacy centers:
Here is one of the recording sheets for my homophone pairs sort:

Click on the picture to download as a freebie! If you like what you see, stop by my TpT store {HERE} and check out my new pack! I would love feedback!
The pack is currently on sale for $3.00! Regular price is $4.00! So hurry and check it out! It will go back to its regular price on Wednesday! Have a fantabulous Saturday... my day will consist of cleaning and laundry... bleh!

Friday, February 24, 2012

March Behavior Chart!

Woop woop! It's Friday! This week went by fast and slow at the same time!
I made this behavior chart a couple of days ago and here it is!! Click the image to download it on TpT as a freebie.
I have also made a very plain template of my behavior charts. You can also download it on TpT by clicking on the image!
I want to show off my new 31 bag that I won from a giveaway that Melanie from Schoolgirl Style was hosting!
I was so surprised to find out that I WON an organizing utility tote! How awesome is that??? I was pretty happy but not as happy as I was when I opened my mail and saw the 31 package! :)
Empty and ready to be packed!! :)
Overflowing and ready for school!!!
Inside look! Computer, pens/pencils/crayons, flair pens, and my wallet!!
My charger fits perfectly in the mesh pocket on the side! :)
I used it yesterday and it looks so pretty and bright!! I love all the pockets and I'm really excited to get another one in a different color!!
I hope you can use the freebies! Have a fabulous Friday!! :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Presidential Freebie!

Hello dear friends!
It was so busy last week... Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, trainings, classes, and on Sunday, we took Aly to the zoo!
I have been busy busy and I find myself starting projects that I have yet to finish {clearing throat} President's Mini Unit! Haha I started it WEEKS ago! Here is a freebie from that! I *might* work on it and eventually finish... we will see ;)
I sent this as a review page home! Click on the image below to download from Google Docs!
Let me know what you think of it! I am loving these ten block graphics from Mel over at From The Pond!!! :) She is always posting freebies, too so go check her out {if you haven't already!}.
Have a fabulous {almost Thursday} Wednesday!!! I will be back later letting you know about the money that my school uses to reinforce positive behavior with our classroom behavior chart! :)

Check out these super giveaways:
First Grade Bloomabilities... there is an awesome giveaway going on over there ;) I won't tell you more because I would really love to win!!!

Just Teaching...Kindergarten
Miss S is also having a major giveaway... wouldn't mind winning this either ;)!!!
Stickers and Stars is giving away her adorable new weather unit!!! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Bloggy Exchange Gift and A Bang-n giveaway!

I was so excited to check my mail yesterday hoping that I would receive my bloggy exchange gift and guess what???
I did!!!
It was in a pink bubble mailer decorated with v-day stickers... too cute!
So I opened it and was sooo super duper happy!
Here are the goods:
I got some cute sticky notes, 2 super cute glittery Essie top coats {LOVE}, cute binder clips, and some {already gone} sour gummy worms!!
Thank you, Kate from To The Square Inch.
Please hop on over and check out her super blog!! She is a middle school math and science teacher with some amazing resources!!! I thought it was such a cool coincidence because I wanted to be a middle school math teacher when I was in my teaching program but I fell in love with the little ones!! One day, I will teach middle school... one day, when I don't look like a middle schooler myself! Thanks again, Kate! You made my week!! :)
Now, there is an uh-mazing giveaway going on over at Farley's blog, Oh' Boy 4th Grade!!

Yes, they are giving away a super cute stamp {MUSTACHE!!!}
Head on over and enter!! I super super super hope I win! It is sooo cute! 
I had such a super long day today... as most of us did!
We did The Sweetheart Snatcher from The Inspired Apple! Kids LOVED it!!
The kiddos also brought their family project! I got the idea from Empowering Little Learners

Read her blog post {HERE}. The kiddos had to decorate a box to store their valentines in!! I was a little afraid of not getting ANY in but most of my kiddos brought one!! I did have about 5 kiddos that didn't bring them so they got to quickly decorate a paper bag! Here are some pics of my favorites!!!
Gotta love Justin Bieber!! The other sides of this box had pictures of the little girl! Too cute!
She taped a little bean bag animal on top!! Love it!
A little robot!! He is actually covered in fabric! :)
This one looked like a birthday cake!! :)
A truck!!! This one was pretty big and the little kiddo that brought it is small! LOL
Sorry for the upside down pic!
He made our school!! Well, I asked him who helped him with it and he said, "I don't know, they did it while I was sleeping!" Hahaha!! 
This was a decorated pinata! So cute but the poor kiddo did not want to take it after school to the Boys and Girls Club!! I think he was embarrassed! 
I had a few more boxes but I'm tired and wanna head to bed!!
Yay!! Tomorrow is Wednesday! After school, I will teach an after school class and then I have to go to a training from 4-6!!! It will be a long day!! :) I hope you had an awesome day with your kiddos!! Have a fabulous night, loves!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Giveaway Winner Announcement!!

Congratulations to Laura from Peace, Love, and First Grade!! :)
You will be getting an email from me shortly!!!
Your prizes are a flower hair clip from Bowpeep Bowtique and a small personalized charm from Iwancio Design! You will also choose if you would like me to send you my new behavior chart- that is already assembled and ready to use!!! :)
Yay!!! :)
Here are some awesome giveaways to check out!!

Made In The Shade In Second Grade

Teach It With Class
They are teaming up for this giveaway! They will have 4 winners and they will be getting a Have Fun Teaching Music CD or gift cards!! How awesome is that?

She is giving away a $10 gift card to Amazon!! Woop Woop!
Make sure to check out these ladies!! :) 
Have a fabulous Monday!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not As Sad Anymore!

Okay, so I had a pretty rough long week...
On Monday, My principal popped in and did the unscheduled observation. I was teaching writing and the lesson went perfect!! He also stayed for about half of the math lesson. Later, he told me he was only there to observe writing but wanted to stay and see me teach math because he was curious. He couldn't stop saying good things about his pop-in but nonetheless, it is still a little stressful. {He is a new principal and this is barely my 2nd year teaching}!
On Tuesday, we had a half day (kids from 8-11:30). I have a love-hate relationship with half days. I LOVE getting a little break but hate not having time to teach EVERYTHING that I need to! I feel so rushed on those days... it seems I have to choose what is more important to teach! Does anyone feel this way?
On Thursday, I broke my most amazing possession... poor iPhone!
See it on the top left corner??? Ahh!
We are soooo sad... I was trying to make a cute sad face and it obviously didn't happen HAHA!
On Friday, I spent my afternoon moving a bookshelf and trying to organize stuff!! I didn't leave school until about 6. I got some awesome centers/activities ready for V-day! I can't wait to do The Sweetheart Snatcher from The Inspired Apple!
Yesterday, I finished cutting Aly's valentines for her class and I finished assembling mine. I still need to add the tags to both but I will do that today... I think!!
We are going to stick the suckers into the foam lips/mustaches!! This idea is from Pinterest!

I made these diamond rings with pipe cleaners and kisses!!! Click {HERE} for the tutorial!!

I was super sad to crack the screen on my phone but I hardly think about it anymore! I'm just being extra careful so it doesn't get worse!
I am excited to say that my giveaway end tonight! I will announce the winner tomorrow and get your name out to the wonderful sponsors so you can get your items!! :) I am working on assembling the behavior chart, too! Click {HERE} to enter!
Here are some awesome giveaways to check out!

The Teacher Tattles
$25 gift card to Target!

Wonderful units!

A cute mirror!! :)
Have a fabulous Sunday!! :)