Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spankin' New Behavior Chart!!! Come and See!!!

I have a problem! I always use exclamation points!!! It seems like I am always excited. Haha!
Anyways, I am super excited(!!!!!) to show ya'll my new behavior chart. Lauren from The First Grade Diaries made me the clip art and it is fabulous. Here are some before and after pictures!
Here is a close up of "Good Day"
Yeap, I have 23 students!
I love this new clip chart. It is hip and very me! :)
I am giving one away in my giveaway. Click {HERE} to enter! It is even better than buying it on TpT because I will send it to you already assembled! Printed, laminated, cut, and set on pretty ribbon!
But if you just can't wait... you can purchase it {HERE}. Grab it because it is on SALE for a limited time!!! I have included the labels for the clip chart, with and without money. My school uses money and I realize most don't so you have the option! I have also included detailed instructions on how to assemble your clip chart with pictures. The set also comes with the Daily Behavior Chart header. I will also offer the monthly behavior chart that I use in my classroom as a freebie. It will work great with this chart!!!
Here is the student February behavior chart. Click the image to download as a freebie!
I printed February's behavior chart on pretty pink cardstock!
I have my students put their personal behavior chart in an assigned tub. It is their responsibility to put it in the tub every morning before breakfast. I have 2 student helpers move the clips up of the students that brought their behavior chart and remembered to put it in the tub!

Here is a picture of my purple behavior chart tub. I got it during the summer at Target in the one spot for $2.50.
At the end of the day, I stamp all of their behavior charts according to what color their clip is on. I use the Do-to-Dot "dotters". This pack has all of my colors except red. I hardly have to stamp red but when I do I just use a red sharpie and put a sad face on the behavior chart. You could also buy a red one from Dollar Tree or buy another pack with the basic colors! I bought these at Lakeshore for 16 bucks but then searched on Amazon and found them for 10! I have been using them since September and are holding up pretty well so I do suggest them!
I got this awesome idea of using the dotters from First Grade O.W.L.s! Check out her post {HERE}!
Click on the image below to take you to TpT! Enjoy!
Let me know what you think of this new behavior chart! What do you use to record your student's behavior? How do parents respond to it?
Here are some quick shout outs to blogs having giveaways:
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She is giving away a $10 TpT gift card!! :)

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She is making a custom packet for the winner!!

Kindergarten Lifestyle
She has a ton of stuff to giveaway and a freebie for everyone!

She is giving away a Juicy Couture lunch tote!! I love me some Juicy Couture!
Goodbye lovelies! Don't forget to check out my Behavior Chart on TpT by clicking {HERE} it's on sale for a limited time only! So get it while it's hot!


  1. Love your new chart!! It is sooo cute! I am always using exclamation points too!

    The First Grade Dream

  2. I've got a little question. Your google doc picture of your February behavior chart is so slick. I'm trying to post a picture/link of a google doc, and I can't get it to work. How easy would it be for you to tell me? :)
    Forever in First

    1. Thanks! I use a MacBook and I just press shift/command/4 and out pops a little plus sign thingy and I just click and drag what I need as my image. It then saves the picture as a png on my desktop! I don't know how to do it on a PC, though! I hope this helps!!!

    2. Oh're brilliant. Thank you so much. I think the eagle has landed!

  3. Hehe! The exclamation points thing really made me laugh! I think I have a problem too... (!!!)

    LOVE your new behavior chart! It's super pretty ;)

    Grow Up Learning

  4. I am so excited to go get this! Thanks for sharing!!! :-)

  5. Your behaviour chart looks amazing! So cute.
    I have used the scoreboard method from the WBT series of strategies to track behaviour (I just blogged about it today actually)
    P.S I think that there are a few of us that should make a support-group for our use of exclamation points! I can't help it either, I am usually very excited about all things related to teaching :)

  6. Adorable! I love the new chart....makes me want to renovate mine!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  7. I love that behavior chart. Thanks for the shout out about my giveaway! (I'm like you - exclamation point!!)

    - Lisa
    a teachers bag of tricks

  8. I know what you mean about finding things cheaper on Amazon. I have FINALLY gotten into the habit of checking there first. I hate it when I buy something I find it somewhere else for less!

    I REALLY love your clip chart. It is super cute!
    Dragonflies in First

  9. Our school has a school wide magnet. All grades (K-5) use the same "boring" one :) Yours are sooo much cuter!!

    First Grade and Fabulous

    1. My whole school uses the same one, too but I decided to make mine cute!! It was too boring! :)
      We are a K-3 school!

  10. Hi..
    You have really nice post its really good looking and well maintained..

  11. Hi!
    How did you attach your chart to the ribbon? I love it!