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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Words and Sentences Book {FREEBIE}

Woooh! It's almost 10 o'clock here in AZ but I am finally done with this mini project and wanted to share it with all of you!! :)
I made a mini book for our students! They will be able to write their Thanksgiving words and also write a sentence that has that word!
The book is very simple but can be used as a whole group activity, writing center, or homework!
My kiddos will be doing this activity next week during their Work on Writing time!
I have a similar {FREEBIE} that I used last year to our field trip to the zoo...
You can find it on TpT by clicking the picture above... it might look a little different because I am currently updating this awesome freebie!
Well, here is my Thanksgiving Words and Sentences Book!
You can grab it for FREE over at TpT by clicking the picture above! Check out the SUPER cute clip art that I got... You can find it on TpT {HERE}! Check out her blog, too!!
Lanier's Kindergarten Lions
I'm gonna head to bed soon!
Tomorrow is going to be Cuh-RazY!!!
I hope I survive!
Good luck!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin LOVE!

This past week was conference week! Oh man, I am soooo glad it's over!
I was excited that all of my 26 parents showed up {first time}! This was also the first time that my birthday fell on our late conference night! LOL
I just kept telling myself that my birthday present was that all of my parents showed up!
I got this sweet note along with a super cute sweater/cardigan! LOVE IT!
Seriously, this made my YEAR!! :)
So this past week we also worked on Pumpkins! It was a short week due to conferences... 2 full days, 2 half days, and no school on Friday!
We did some fun stuff!
The Friday before, I sent a note home from Hadar's {Miss Kindergarten} pack: Pumpkin Graphs and Glyphs that asks parents to send in a pumpkin for a week full of pumpkin learning! 
The kiddos were SUPER cute walking in on Monday morning with a pumpkin! I also had a lovely new student walk in with my bunch! Yeap, I'm up to 27! 
So that morning, we started with another KWL chart!
Then we made our pumpkin glyph from Hadar's pack!
The kiddos loved them!
My room looked lovely on Monday thanks to the pumpkins and the pumpkin glyphs! :)
LOVE this little making her vines with a colored pencil! I had a few students that couldn't and I have such caring students that they didn't even come and ask me... another student offered to help! LOVE!
So cute!
The kiddos LOVED their pumpkin glyph and book!
I hung them out in the hallway!
During our grammar time that week, we worked on adjectives and what better way to learn about adjectives than with Kelley's {Teacher Idea Factory} Adjective Pumpkin pack?
There are some great review pages and of course the cutest Adjective Pumpkin craft!
This was perfect for my ELLs because it had some really tricky adjectives that my littles haven't heard before, like clever, adorable, and fancy!
Here are some pics!
I loved that my kiddos could do this word sort independently! They rocked it!
Here are some of the pumpkins! A few students were able to make two different pumpkins!
We also did one of the experiments from Hadar's pack... Will the pumpkin float or sink?
The kiddos LOVED graphing this! 
We also estimated and measured our pumpkins. 
I forgot to copy the recording sheet for our measuring so we whipped out our math notebooks and started writing!
Look on this sweetie focusing!
We used unifix cubes to measure the string!
We also HAD to figure out if our pumpkin would sink or float!!
They were so excited to go outside. I was just afraid of falling down the steps with the big ol' tub of water in heels! LOL
If you haven't studied pumpkins yet, I highly suggest you check out these girls' packs!
On Thursday, the kiddos took their pumpkins home so they could carve them and have them ready for Halloween!
Next week, I will continue with Theme 3 of StoryTown! Yay!
Have a sweet Sunday! I need to finish my plans and get everything ready for the full week of school ahead of me!
Ooh! Don't forget that the Trick or Treat Sale is still going on! A couple more hours! Take advantage!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Word Family Word Cards, Mini-Books, and Activities!

I told you I'd get it finished!
Now I've been working on this for weeks {maybe even MONTHS}! It took forever!
I'm really happy how it came out and can't wait to use it with my kiddos on Monday!
You get word wall cards! You can glue these on a file folder and have portable word walls or adhere them to the back of a bookshelf {I'm gonna do that}.
Most cards have pictures! Perfect for ELL students!
You get 8 different mini-books!
And you get 3 different "think sheets" for each word family (total of 12) that can be used at centers, homework, or even morning work!
Check 'em out!
You can check them out {HERE} on TpT for only $4.50 but remember of my Trick or Treat Sale??? Grab this pack for only $3.60!!! It will end tomorrow night!
Have a super Saturday night! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Trick or Treat Sale

It's late y'all!
I'm trying to finish up a project that I've been working on for WEEKS so I'm taking advantage that everyone in my home is snoring (really!).
My super sweet friend, The Bubbly Blonde {Alisha}...
is celebrating the end of conference week {ME TOO}, her birthday week {ME TOO}, and it being October {ME TOO}. So, I decided to join in on her Trick or Treat Sale!
Enjoy 20% off this weekend only! 
I am also going to try super hard to upload my newest {still workin' on} creation!
Yesterday, I was able to giveaway 3 copies of my newest pack on Facebook {Thank you for following!}
This pack also includes two recording sheets that are not pictured! You can score it for only $2.00 and that's without the 20% off!! This weekend it's only $1.60! STEAL!
Don't you love my collage! I did it in Picasa! If you haven't tried this, you seriously need to run to Mrs. Dwyer's A+ Firsties and see her tutorial!
It has made my life so much easier! Thanks Tanya!
Back to the sale: Score everything in my store for 20% off!
Here are some bestsellers and recent items:
Wooh! So sorry for the picture overload!
My family and I went to the fair today... It was sooo fun!
My daughter, Aly, loved the rides and the food was uh-mazingly yummy!
It's almost midnight here in AZ and I never ever stay up anymore... my eyes are closing on me.... good night and enjoy the sale!
Click {HERE} to check out the other amazing bloggers that are participating in the sale and many thanks to Alisha for the super cute sale banner!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week FULL of Bats and Spiders!

Last week, we had SOOOO much fun learning about bats and spiders!
I decided to skip our curriculum and let my kiddos have fun!! So instead of StoryTown, we were reading about bats and spiders! Since the time constraint, I decided to do 2 days of bats and 2 days of spiders with a "catch-up" day in between!
My kiddos LOVED every second of it!
Now be warned... PICTURE OVERLOAD!
We started with a KWL chart from {Kindergarten Smiles} Caitlin Clabby's unit: All About Bats! Followed by a circle map and tree map! We focused on writing 3 facts about bats! :)
We made the FREE bat craft from A Cupcake for the Teacher! The kiddos loved it and really worked hard on their writing so they could start on their craftivity!
Here you can see our "cave" with our writing and craftivities!
Here is another shot of the cave! My wonderful community college helper made it! :)
My kiddos also labeled this bat from Erica Bohrer's pack: Batty for Bats! Can you believe that she drew that little guy? Can you say talented!!?
I love love love that he has all of the body parts that we were learning about in the books we were reading! 
Another shot! :)
After 2 full days of bats we started moving on to spiders! 
My kiddos were discussing and learning SOOO much through these {super short and condensed} thematic units... I wish I could teach like this ALL the time!
Moving on to spiders!
We started the same way... KWL charts, circle map, bubble map, and tree map!
We wrote three sentences about spiders and made a craft!
Check out these cuties!
This little guys' eyes popped off! They loved adding 8 googly eyes to each spider!
I put a web on the wall and then stapled the spiders on top! They look super cute!
Oh! We even got a black widow! LOVE IT!
You can tell that ALL of the spiders look different! We didn't use any templates! I just showed them what to cut out {the 2 body parts & eight legs} and how to cut out the legs!
Some had difficulties but we talked about trying our best! 
Every time I see these little guys I can't help but SMILE!
This week was a short week due to conferences. We had 2 half days and no school tomorrow! YIPEEE! I'm also very excited because I had all 26 parents show up and they were all so sweet and supportive... yay!
So, I decided to extend my thematic units and focus on pumpkins!
The week went amazingly WELL!
I will share pics and post about our activities SOON!
In other news, make sure you like Sweet Times in First on FB because I'll be having some giveaways soon! :)
Have a wonderful Thursday!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First Year Bliss

The 3AM Teacher is hosting this super fun first year of blogging LINKY!!
This first year of blogging has made such a huge difference in my teaching! I am reflecting more than ever and I'm getting some AMAZING ideas from other bloggers!
I am also very happy that I opened up a Teachers Pay Teachers store!
I have made some super product that I use in my classroom! I absolutely LOVE knowing and seeing my products being used in other classrooms and helping other students! 
I also have a Teacher's Notebook store, if you prefer shopping there!
Teachers Notebook
I've only been blogging for 10 months but I love every second of it! I wish I had MORE TIME {every teacher's dream, right?} to blog more.
I need to set myself a schedule so I am more consistent!!
In other news, it was my birthday yesterday!! It was an awesome day!
In the morning my mom had flowers for me. At school, I was spoiled by my students with flowers, a candle, a sweater, a cake and some candy! Then at home, I found a homemade cake {by the husband} and some roses! 
It was such an awesome day that I didn't even mind that it was LATE NIGHT CONFERENCE NIGHT! 
I survived and all of my conferences have been great! Parents have been very supportive and I couldn't ask for better students!
Check out the pictures!
Flowers, teddy bear, and LOVE from another first grade class! :)
Looking rough but happy with my cake! 
If you have ever thought about blogging... YOU SHOULD! It's an amazing way to share your thoughts, ideas, and join the wonderful community of teacher bloggers! 
Also, do you create materials for your classroom and your student's learning? 
Have you thought about opening a Teachers Pay Teachers store? If you are thinking about joining TpT, please use my referral link by clicking {HERE}! 
Have a super day! I'm finishing up conferences this week... should be fun! :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

FB Page, A Cauldron Full of Centers, and Grammar Wall Stuff!

Hi sweet followers!
I hope your year is going by as fast as mine! We are almost at conference time! EEEK! I'm nervous already.
As I'm finishing up starting report cards, I think back at these last 10 weeks! I have such a good class and with 26 firsties looking up to me everyday and I feel super lucky!
Since I am supposed to be working on report cards, I decided to make a FB Page for this little blog!
I have the pop-up, so please like it!
I am working on having a SUPER giveaway this week {maybe Thursday, when I should be done with report cards since they will be due} from my FB page so make sure to follow!
Click {HERE} to head on over to FB!
I also have two new items in my TpT shop!!
The first is my Halloween themed math and literacy centers, A Cauldron Full of Centers!
Here are some pics of what's included!
Making complete telling sentences!
Number order!
Comparing Numbers!
Addition Equations!
Reading Real and Nonsense Words!
Reading and Matching Words!
You will find 6 centers that are PERFECT for first graders for the next few weeks! :)
My kiddos will be working on these next week!! They are excited!
As an SEI {Structured English Immersion} teacher in Arizona, we are supposed to have grammar wall in our classrooms!
Here is the preview!
Seriously, you just print, laminate, cut, and hang! You will have the cutest and useful grammar wall around! 
Check, check it out! :)
I will be back later when I announce the giveaways!! :)
Have a lovely rest of your Sunday and have a fabulous week!!