Sunday, December 9, 2012


It's been too long!! Yikes!
That is my new favorite word! I say it for practically everything. The funny thing is that some of my kids say it now too! Too funny.
Well, to say that I've been busy is an understatement! I've been leading a professional development class for the past 8 weeks. It was SOO long but I loved it! I just finished my last one on Thursday! Yay!
On Thursday, I also had my formal observation. My hands were so shaky! I was so nervous but my kiddos were EXCELLENT and it couldn't have gone any better (or so I think).
I will be having a post-observation meeting tomorrow to discuss how it went.
But my VP did leave this sweet note for me:
I'll come back and share after my meeting tomorrow!
Two more weeks of school and then 2 WEEKS OF FREEDOM! I love my kiddos sooo much! They are fabulous but this teacher needs a break!
I didn't get out of bed yesterday until 4... that is a small hint that I need a break. YIKES!
On observation day, our elf showed up {maybe that's why my kiddos were sooo good}. We named it Cutesy and they love him! He was on my rocking chair with the book. I didn't take a picture! Maybe I'll re-enact it tomorrow ;)
On Friday, he was taking a little rest:
He is just tooooooo cute! My kiddos found him right away and our Cutesy was looking at them work ALL day! Thanks to my tall team mate that was able to put him up there! <3
Love him!
I'm off to plan! Have a super sweet Sunday!