Friday, April 12, 2013

MPM School Supplies LOVE!

Have you heard of MPM School Supplies? You can find them {HERE} It's an online teacher supply store with a TON of stuff to shop for!

I was lucky enough to try them out in exchange for an HONEST review. I had $25.00 to spend with FREE shipping!

I picked an alphabet set of sponges, some heart shaped doilies, some first grade name tags, and some glitter pom poms.

The alphabet sponges are super cute and big! Each letter is 2 inches high and will be perfect for stamping our sight words during word work!

The name tags are PERFECT for first graders!

The heart shaped doilies will be perfect for our Mother's Day project that we will be working on soon (details to come).

The glitter pom poms will also be used for our Mother's Day gift!

All of this stuff was shipped to my door within DAYS of my online order! It was FedEx'd straight to my door so fast that I didn't even think it would be my MPM stuff.  The goods were well packaged in a box but one stinky thing is that the name tags got bent in the box... I have them under some heavy books so they straightened out pretty well.

I will definitely order from MPM again when I need something in a hurry and you can't beat the prices! The prices are definitely lower than my local teacher store!

Do you want to try MPM out? Click {HERE} to order and get 10% off your order!!! (The first 10 readers orders will qualify for 10% off)