Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Presidential Freebie!

Hello dear friends!
It was so busy last week... Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, trainings, classes, and on Sunday, we took Aly to the zoo!
I have been busy busy and I find myself starting projects that I have yet to finish {clearing throat} President's Mini Unit! Haha I started it WEEKS ago! Here is a freebie from that! I *might* work on it and eventually finish... we will see ;)
I sent this as a review page home! Click on the image below to download from Google Docs!
Let me know what you think of it! I am loving these ten block graphics from Mel over at From The Pond!!! :) She is always posting freebies, too so go check her out {if you haven't already!}.
Have a fabulous {almost Thursday} Wednesday!!! I will be back later letting you know about the money that my school uses to reinforce positive behavior with our classroom behavior chart! :)

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First Grade Bloomabilities... there is an awesome giveaway going on over there ;) I won't tell you more because I would really love to win!!!

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Stickers and Stars is giving away her adorable new weather unit!!! :)


  1. It has been a busy week! Thank you for sharing that freebie!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Hey Sandra, the President's Day Freebie is great, thanks for sharing it! I am your 135th and newest follower. Thanks for coming to visit me and entering {and blogging about} Miss. S's giveaway. Good luck!

    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  3. I love this freebie! I might have to sneak it in next week before February is over :) Thanks!