Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Bloggy Exchange Gift and A Bang-n giveaway!

I was so excited to check my mail yesterday hoping that I would receive my bloggy exchange gift and guess what???
I did!!!
It was in a pink bubble mailer decorated with v-day stickers... too cute!
So I opened it and was sooo super duper happy!
Here are the goods:
I got some cute sticky notes, 2 super cute glittery Essie top coats {LOVE}, cute binder clips, and some {already gone} sour gummy worms!!
Thank you, Kate from To The Square Inch.
Please hop on over and check out her super blog!! She is a middle school math and science teacher with some amazing resources!!! I thought it was such a cool coincidence because I wanted to be a middle school math teacher when I was in my teaching program but I fell in love with the little ones!! One day, I will teach middle school... one day, when I don't look like a middle schooler myself! Thanks again, Kate! You made my week!! :)
Now, there is an uh-mazing giveaway going on over at Farley's blog, Oh' Boy 4th Grade!!

Yes, they are giving away a super cute stamp {MUSTACHE!!!}
Head on over and enter!! I super super super hope I win! It is sooo cute! 
I had such a super long day today... as most of us did!
We did The Sweetheart Snatcher from The Inspired Apple! Kids LOVED it!!
The kiddos also brought their family project! I got the idea from Empowering Little Learners

Read her blog post {HERE}. The kiddos had to decorate a box to store their valentines in!! I was a little afraid of not getting ANY in but most of my kiddos brought one!! I did have about 5 kiddos that didn't bring them so they got to quickly decorate a paper bag! Here are some pics of my favorites!!!
Gotta love Justin Bieber!! The other sides of this box had pictures of the little girl! Too cute!
She taped a little bean bag animal on top!! Love it!
A little robot!! He is actually covered in fabric! :)
This one looked like a birthday cake!! :)
A truck!!! This one was pretty big and the little kiddo that brought it is small! LOL
Sorry for the upside down pic!
He made our school!! Well, I asked him who helped him with it and he said, "I don't know, they did it while I was sleeping!" Hahaha!! 
This was a decorated pinata! So cute but the poor kiddo did not want to take it after school to the Boys and Girls Club!! I think he was embarrassed! 
I had a few more boxes but I'm tired and wanna head to bed!!
Yay!! Tomorrow is Wednesday! After school, I will teach an after school class and then I have to go to a training from 4-6!!! It will be a long day!! :) I hope you had an awesome day with your kiddos!! Have a fabulous night, loves!!


  1. Wow, that pinata is quite the fancy valentine holder!

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Whoa you had some creative boxes for your kiddos! I love Essie nail polish that's cool that your bloggy buddy gave you that! :)

    1. Yeah, it's pretty awesome!! I hadn't seen these top coats! I just tried one out and uh-mazing!!! I love it!

  3. You have sone creative kiddos! And I *love* Essie polish, I got some from my exchange partner, too!!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

    1. Cute!!! What color???
      These are top coats and they are perfect!! :)

  4. I'm so happy to find another First grade ELD teacher in Phoenix! I teach first grade ELD in Glendale. Love your blog, super cute!

  5. I am SO happy you liked everything! It is nerve racking purchasing a present for someone you don't know :) I am so happy to have found your blog!
    To The Square Inch