Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ari-Ari-Arizona Bloggy Meet Up!

Arizonans!!! Do you know the song!?
In college, I took a science teaching methods course and the instructor made us memorize this song!!! 
I love you, Arizona! Now every time that I say Arizona... I want to bust out with the song!
Click {HERE} to listen to it on YouTube! For some reason, I can't embed the video! :( 
Back to the title! Yay! I am so happy that the AZ Bloggy Meet Up was changed because I will be able to go now!!

This is right by my favorite store!!!
RSVP with Linda over at Around the Kampfire!

The other host is Michelle over at The 3AM Teacher!
If you will be in Arizona on July 10th, please come and join us! :)
I can't wait to meet you all! 
Sad news! I went to see my district's tech person for the PowerPoint file that I couldn't open and there is no saving it! It can't be repaired! Bummer! I'm so sad! I can still open it on Keynote so I can see the information but I'll just have to re-type it all! Blah... the killer part is inserting the accent notes in Spanish but oh well! At least I'll be able to see it so I shouldn't complain! :) Time to start typing!! I really want this organizational binder stuff finished!
Have a lovely Wednesday! Tomorrow is my last day of summer school... YAY!!


  1. Oh I hope there will be another one later since I won't be in Arizona until a few weeks after the meet-up :(