Saturday, June 16, 2012

Classroom Helpers! Flash Sale!

Hello All! I hope you are enjoying your summer! I just finished week 2 of summer school... woop woop... half way done! This week, I have been feverishly working on my new classroom helpers chart/board! Here is what it looked like this past year  I guess I don't have a picture... but believe me when I say it wasn't cute... it was made at the beginning of my blog-stalking days and when I wasn't a PowerPoint expert! Haha! It wasn't pretty but it worked so I used it all year! Now that I have time,  I worked on this super pretty job chart that matches my "bright" theme! Here it is:
 I am so proud of it! I have had this clip art since it was born {thanks KPM Doodles}. Kristen was running a little giveaway by asking about what she could work on and I commented that I would love to see classroom helper clip art and guess what?? She picked my idea!!! I also WON the clip art! I love it so much! I am glad that I am finally putting into good use!
The helpers that are in my pack are:
  • Line Leader: Stands at the front of the line and models how to stand in line!
  • Line Ender: Stands at the end of the line and make sure everyone is straight!
  • Door Holder: Holds the door and makes sure that everyone makes it out of the room!
  • Messenger: Delivers things to other teachers or to the office!
  • Teacher's Assistant: Helps the teacher with anything she might need!
  • Lunch Helpers: Carries the lunches to the cafeteria!
  • Breakfast Helpers: Cleans up the breakfast and puts the food/cooler outside!
  • Recess Helpers: Takes the equipment in and out of the room!
  • Light Monitor: In charge of turning off and on the lights when teacher says!
  • Clean Up Officer: Makes sure that the floor is clean after activities!
  • Insurance Monitor: Helps students with a clean up {drops pencil box or breakfast}!
  • Calendar Helper: Leads class in calendar or helps teacher!
  • Paper Passer: Passes out papers to students!
  • Pencil Sharpener: Sharpens pencils!
  • Library Monitor: Makes sure that the classroom library is organized and books are put away!
  • Library Book Helper: Takes the class books to the library for specials!
  • Board Eraser: Erases the board for the teacher when she needs it!
  • Substitute: Does the job of an absent student!
Wooh! That's a lot of jobs! I do NOT use all of those jobs. I don't use Lunch Helpers {my kiddos don't bring lunch/ 98% are on free/reduced lunch}, Recess Helpers {equipment is taken care of by the duty aides}, and the Pencil Sharpener {maybe I'll use it this year ;)} but that's the great thing about this pack is that you can pick or choose what you would like or what you are comfortable with!
I also included two different sizes of cards: a small size to be used with library pockets and popsicle sticks and a full size to be used on it's own!
I was originally going to use the full size cards and just velcro all the numbers but I LOVE how the pockets turned out!! The husband spray painted the large popsicle stick black so it would match! I love it!
Also included is a checklist of all the jobs so no kid will ever be forgotten again! I was guilty of forgetting who's had what job and it wasn't pretty! I will now KNOW who's been what and share my jobs fairly between the kiddos!
I just love the student numbers! They match my Superstar Behavior Chart! :) 

I am excited to share this with you! Check it out on TpT {HERE} and on TN {HERE}! 
I am putting it on sale on both stores for the rest of the day! I will change it when I wake up tomorrow! 
Original Price: $5.00 Sale Price: $3.75
Get it while it's hot!!!
Please, let me know what you think! Is this practical? Can you see yourself using it? Do I need to add something else? 
Ooh!!! Look what I got to open today!!
That's Aly's leg and foot haha... she was really excited!
Soooo pretty! It is my new Erin Condren Teacher Planner! It looks awesome and I can't wait to put it to good use {I think!!} :)
Have a lovely Saturday, peeps!


  1. I was just on the Erin Condren site deciding if I should buy a Life Planner or not. They look amazing but they cost so much! Do you really think it is worth that much?


    1. I had purchased a $25 for $50 dollar thing on Plum District a while back and I finally decided on this purchase! It was still really pricy {I still paid $9 for shipping too} but I got it today and it is AWESOME. I'm glad I got it. The cover is really really sturdy and it has a lot of info pages.
      I would buy it for $25!
      As for the Life Planner... it looks so amazing!!! Maybe I would buy it but now that I have the teacher planner, I don't think I NEED it! :) Hope that helps!

  2. Love your classroom jobs set!! Since you have a clip chart, you totally need a clip chart manager! I have mine put he clips back to "ready to learn" each day. It's spectacular!

    1. Great idea!!! :)
      I had the messengers do it last year {because they didn't really get to do that much} but I love your idea! I'm gonna work on it!

  3. I love your classroom helpers set!! It's so bright & colorful. I love the work you did to it. Don't you just love Erin Condren?? I got a planner from her back in January & I don't know how I'd live without it now!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  4. Haha I hate all my stuff from my pre-blogging days! So not cute at all. I have a colleague who refers to my stuff as "new-Sara" and "old-Sara." He prefers all my "new" stuff with the fun clipart! You can also get those library card holders at the dollar store - they are only $1!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  5. Love EC! Come enter my EC giveaway.

    Miss Nelson's blog

  6. I love your job charts! Absolutely adorable. I like that it's easy to change the numbers below each job. I have something very similar in my room, and used velcro to move the numbers around. Your star numbers are absolutely adorable.

    Ms. Wilkie's Second Grade Class

  7. Love the job chart!
    I am on the fence with the planner....guess I better make a decision will be here before we know it!

    ☞Go NuTTY with ME!

  8. I just found your blog! I'm your newest follower! Love this classroom helpers packet! Great job! In my classroom I call the lights person the "electrician." The kids really love that job because it makes them feel important!


  9. I love these bright colors!! That planner is pretty fabulous. I've heard nothing hut rave reviews about her products. Just found your blog :)

    ❤ - Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  10. You have a great set of classroom jobs and those student numbers look great.

  11. Love this! I think I have some things on my site that you may like too, oh and make sure you join because I'm having a giveaway very soon!

    Kate :)

  12. Everything looks great! Love the jobs.

    EC is awesome, isn't it?

    Fun in Room 4B