Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin LOVE!

This past week was conference week! Oh man, I am soooo glad it's over!
I was excited that all of my 26 parents showed up {first time}! This was also the first time that my birthday fell on our late conference night! LOL
I just kept telling myself that my birthday present was that all of my parents showed up!
I got this sweet note along with a super cute sweater/cardigan! LOVE IT!
Seriously, this made my YEAR!! :)
So this past week we also worked on Pumpkins! It was a short week due to conferences... 2 full days, 2 half days, and no school on Friday!
We did some fun stuff!
The Friday before, I sent a note home from Hadar's {Miss Kindergarten} pack: Pumpkin Graphs and Glyphs that asks parents to send in a pumpkin for a week full of pumpkin learning! 
The kiddos were SUPER cute walking in on Monday morning with a pumpkin! I also had a lovely new student walk in with my bunch! Yeap, I'm up to 27! 
So that morning, we started with another KWL chart!
Then we made our pumpkin glyph from Hadar's pack!
The kiddos loved them!
My room looked lovely on Monday thanks to the pumpkins and the pumpkin glyphs! :)
LOVE this little making her vines with a colored pencil! I had a few students that couldn't and I have such caring students that they didn't even come and ask me... another student offered to help! LOVE!
So cute!
The kiddos LOVED their pumpkin glyph and book!
I hung them out in the hallway!
During our grammar time that week, we worked on adjectives and what better way to learn about adjectives than with Kelley's {Teacher Idea Factory} Adjective Pumpkin pack?
There are some great review pages and of course the cutest Adjective Pumpkin craft!
This was perfect for my ELLs because it had some really tricky adjectives that my littles haven't heard before, like clever, adorable, and fancy!
Here are some pics!
I loved that my kiddos could do this word sort independently! They rocked it!
Here are some of the pumpkins! A few students were able to make two different pumpkins!
We also did one of the experiments from Hadar's pack... Will the pumpkin float or sink?
The kiddos LOVED graphing this! 
We also estimated and measured our pumpkins. 
I forgot to copy the recording sheet for our measuring so we whipped out our math notebooks and started writing!
Look on this sweetie focusing!
We used unifix cubes to measure the string!
We also HAD to figure out if our pumpkin would sink or float!!
They were so excited to go outside. I was just afraid of falling down the steps with the big ol' tub of water in heels! LOL
If you haven't studied pumpkins yet, I highly suggest you check out these girls' packs!
On Thursday, the kiddos took their pumpkins home so they could carve them and have them ready for Halloween!
Next week, I will continue with Theme 3 of StoryTown! Yay!
Have a sweet Sunday! I need to finish my plans and get everything ready for the full week of school ahead of me!
Ooh! Don't forget that the Trick or Treat Sale is still going on! A couple more hours! Take advantage!


  1. What a great birthday present! Glad you had a good one!
    Those pumpkin activities are great...I will have to check out those adjectives!!

  2. Those kiddos I'm sure had a great as their teacher, and the fab products you were using too!

    First Grade and Fabulous